Travel to Venice and the Veneto in Italy – Amateur Traveler Episode 182 Transcript

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Travel to Venice and the Veneto in Italy – Episode 98 Transcript

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Travel to Venice and the Veneto in Italy – Episode 98 Transcript

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Chris: And when we say it corresponds to a state, in our size scale, more like the state of Rhode Island than the state of Texas?

Ira: No, I think it is probably bigger.

Chris: In terms of size.

Ira: Well, in between the two, yeah.

Chris: Ok. And you have been going to Venice a couple of times here.

Ira: We debate whether it’s now going to be 16 or 17. We started about 1994 when I went to a conference in Padua and then went to Venice, which is two train stops away.

Chris: And you actually knew the countdown till your next trip. So this is an annual event at this point?

Ira: It’s five weeks from today, but who’s counting.

Chris: Now, there are many other nice places to go in the world, why do you keep going back to Venice?

Ira: Well, one thing, it’s not like taking a trip anymore. Because we have friends that we see. Actually two different groups: One we see in the Milan touring area which is up north near the Lake District and the other we see in Florence. It’s almost like it would be an insult not to see our friends.

Chris: Ok, but while you are there, you spend some time in this fabled city of canals and the surrounding areas. So lets talk about the two areas separately. First, a little bit about Venice because I think most people have some desire or at least many people have some desire to see Venice. But don’t know what they’re missing in the surrounding areas. So the draw of Venice, obviously, the canals, St Marks Square. What should we do when we are in Venice? What should we see?

Ira: Well, the one thing I would say would be, although you certainly do want to go to St. Mark’s Square, and if you’ve never been there, let me emphasize, by all means go to Venice. We don’t stay in Venice anymore when we visit that area. We love Padua. We have a favorite hotel there. And we stay in Padua and generally make a day trip to Venice, but that’s our idiosyncrasy. In Venice itself, I think the thing that you want to keep in mind is that there is much, much more to Venice than St. Mark’s Square, as captivating as it is. People will have different interests and things so I’m going to be a little bit idiosyncratic. One place we always go to, and I would recommend this for anybody whether or not they’re Jewish like we are, and that is the ghetto. Very interesting historic spot. Wonderful, wonderful tour.

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