Travel to Venice and the Veneto in Italy – Amateur Traveler Episode 182 Transcript

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Travel to Venice and the Veneto in Italy – Episode 98 Transcript

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Chris: Especially for those of us who are listening from the US, a lot of the Italian food that we get here is southern Italian food.

Ira: Well, a lot of it isn’t even Italian.

Chris: Or Sicilian.

Ira: It’s not even Sicilian. Oh no, no, no, no. I would never insult Sicily by saying that Sicily is not part of Italy. Although a Sicilian would probably claim it. No, I mean there are an incredible number of things that are very good. I enjoy very much, they happen to not to be found in Italy. Like for example, my favorite being, if you ask for a pepperoni in Italy. Peperoni is spelled without the double “p” means large pepper. You don’t get the sausage-like affair. And I could go through sauce Alfredo ain’t Italian.

Chris: Well, that one was invented in Rome.

Ira: I think it was invented by a Roman but not in Rome. I think it may be under debate. You don’t find it…

Chris: Well, Alfredo had two restaurants the last time I knew: one was in Rome and one was in Epcot.

Ira: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: Although I think they closed that one. I think they’ve replaced that with something else as I recall on our show we did on Epcot.

Ira: But let me just make a couple of generic comments, if I could about Italian cooking. Number one: Italians are magnificent when it comes to your mangling their language. I can speak a little bit of Italian. I try not to speak to Italians in a way that makes it look like I can speak Italian. But they’re very, very forgiving. It’s hard for most Americans to roll their “r’s”. But whatever you do, if you are in an Italian restaurant, do not, repeat, do not ask for cheese on a fish dish. They will come after you with a vengeance. I’ve seen that happen. Do not make anything that’s considered disparaging. They are proud of their cooking. Language they’ll tolerate, cooking they won’t. The restaurant we told a friend of ours, near bloodshed that occurred. They made the mistake of doing the same thing and as we say in science, “Some phenomena do replicate”. Oh yeah. Also, if you’re going to Italy, please learn the food of the region you’re going to.

Chris: Ok.

Ira: Do not, for example, if you’re in Venice, ask for a cannoli. A cannoli is a Sicilian dish. Very delicious, but not Venetian. Tiramisu – that’s Venetian. Oh, excuse me. I wanted to mention before we leave Padua, part of the trip will be to the medical school, which had the first autopsy site. They’re not going to put one on for you but…

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