Travel to Venice and the Veneto in Italy – Amateur Traveler Episode 182 Transcript

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Travel to Venice and the Veneto in Italy – Episode 98 Transcript

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Chris: That’s all right. That’s an interesting transition from food to autopsy. But ok.

Ira: That’s the beauty of editing.

Ira: You can see Galileo’s lectern. I was there with a group of maybe 15 of my colleagues and the same thought went through our minds when it was pointed out to us and our host quickly said, “I’m sorry we will not let you deliver a lecture from there.” Galileo got his weight in gold for coming to the University of Padua from Pisa. According to one story he’d even been denied tenure at Pisa, but he was given this offer he couldn’t refuse and until he had an affair of the heart that took him into Florence where he ran into all sorts of trouble, he always said the best years of his life were in Venice. Although he was Florentine and wouldn’t marry the mother of his children because she wasn’t. But see all the memorative plaques they’ve got. The tour from the Piazza Del Bo is simply unbelievable. It’s as good as any tour we’ve had in Venice. Matching the ghetto tour in terms of importance to us.

Chris: Are there other cities that we want to hit in the region besides Padua?

Ira: Yeah, one that you are much less likely to have heard of, but that’s a lot of fun and it’s about an hour north of both Padua and Venice. Padua is almost, well about 20 to 40 minutes depending on the train you get, pretty much due west. But if you go north you’ll come to the town of Bassano del Grappa. Now if you don’t know what grappa is, a taste should be a part of your tour. I actually like classic grappa and I’m not remotely Italian. To most other people, it is a taste cultivated like drinking gasoline. But actually there are all sorts of types of Grappa, some of which are like sweet liquors. There’s a blueberry grappa that my wife likes and she’s not a drinker at all. But Bassano del Grappa, you go up there. It was originally Bassano for many years and the Chamber of Commerce added the del Grappa. It’s near Monte Grappa, which is the site of a very famous battle. There’s a beautiful bridge, the Ponte degli Alpini, the Alpine Bridge, which is just beautiful and it is conveniently located right next to the grappa distillery, which yes, this is Italy, you do get free samples.

Chris: If I go to the Veneto, what’s the biggest surprise that I’ll run into? I think I know Italy, what’s going to surprise me?

Ira: Well, that probably everything that you’ve ever read about Venice is true. So many places you go to and everything is inflated in terms of how good it is. But Venice is really a magnificently visual city.

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