Octopus Card

octopus-cardUnless the leader of Hong Kong (the Chief Executive) is sending a limo to the airport to pick you up so he can present you the key to the city, the best way to get around Kong Kong is on its mass transit system, especially the MTR. The best way to get around the mass transit system is with the ubiquitous Octopus Card.

The Octopus Card is more than a prepaid transit card because even a number of merchants (especially those in MTR stations) take the Octopus card in lieu of cash.

How do I buy an Octopus card?

Assuming you are arriving at the Hong Kong airport follow the signs for the train from the main terminal until you get to an information desk in front of the train station where you can purchase the Octopus Card. You must pay cash for your Octopus Card of at least $HK 50.

How do I use an Octopus Card?

In side the door of a bus or at the gate in an MTR station there is a place to hold up your Octopus Card. When you get on a bus or when you leave an MTR station your card will be debited. The cost of the last trip will be displayed and how much is left on your card.

How do I add money to an Octopus card?

If you need to add more money to the Octopus Card you can do so at any MTR station but you do have to pay in cash at the top up machines. The machines only take $HK 50 and $HK 100 dollar bills. Also in the MTR station next to the top up machines is an Octopus card scanner that will display the amount of money currently on your card.

How do I return my Octopus card?

You can return your Octopus Card to the same desk when you return to the airport to leave Hong Kong. You will be refunded all but $HK 7 of what is on the card.

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