Victoria Peak Tram


You can take a bus to the top of Victoria Peak up the winding roads but the way most visitors get to the top is using the historic and scenic Victoria Peak Tram or the “Peak Tram” as it is more widely known. It was the first cable funicular in Asia and is 1,350 meters long and climbs 400 meters.

You can board the tram at the Peak or at the lower terminus on Garden Road near St. John’s Cathedral. There is a small display at the lower terminus about the history of the peak which gives you something to look during the inevitable wait for the tram.


Only 30-40 families lived on the peak before the construction of the Peak Tram because of the difficulty in getting up the steep hills. To stay at the Peak Hotel (which opened in 1873) the guests had to be carried up the mountain in sedan chairs. The Peak tram was the brain child of Alexander Findlay Smith and opened in 1888.


The cost for tickets was originally 30 cents for first class and 20 cents for second class but has gone up in the last 100+ years.

  • Adult – HK$ 36 round trip , HK$ 25 one way
  • Child (age 3 – 11) – HK$ 16 round trip, HK$ 9 one way
  • Senior (age 65 or above) – HK$ 16 round trip, HK$ 9 one way

You can pay for the tram using your Octopus Card to avoid the ticket line. I would recommend taking the tram up and the bus down to save money.

You can also purchase a combination ticket that will give you access to the Sky Terrace observation platform at The Peak.

What you should know

The tram will be filled with people and up to 25 people will be left standing. My wife id not realize this and ended up hanging on for dear life at what felt at times like a 45 degree angle. The floor does have ridges to help with traction but only stand if you are in good physical shape with a keen sense of adventure.

The tram makes up to 4 stops along its route at Kennedy Road, Macdonnell Road, May Road and Barker Road.

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