Upper Antelope Canyon – Arizona – Photo

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Upper Antelope Canyon

Yesterday I posted a photo of Lower Antelope Canyon near Page Arizona. Across the road from Lower Antelope Canyon is the more popular Upper Antelope Canyon. One of the reason that it gets more visitors is that you walk into this part of the slot canyon on level ground so it is more accessible. The best time to see this part of the canyon is around noon when the light is streaming in from above. The worst time to be in a slot canyon is during a flash flood.

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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

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Cool photo – great colors. The rock formations look similar to what you see in the Middle East



Classic shot. Thx for sharing. I can hardly wait to take my own photos in Upper Antelope Canyon. I’ve been compiling an itinerary for southwest Utah, with a jaunt across the Arizona border to include Antelope Canyon. I just took another listen to your guest podcast on #136 of the Indie Travel Podcast, highlighting the American Southwest. My itinerary also includes hiking the Virgin River narrows, and you’ve helped me determine that the trip will be taken in the fall to maximize our chances of a successful Virgin River narrows hike. The itinerary is 9 days, and includes a visit to Pink Sand Dunes State Park, as well as travel to Capitol Reef and a few points in between. There’s so much to see in Utah…I think I need to take a career break to see it all. Hmmm….

It took me a few minutes to find your 4-part series on the American southwest, as iTunes only goes back to episode #21. But I found them on your site. Yeah! Looking forward to listening. Love the podcast! It’s in my top 5. Thanks again for sharing.



Mary, very cool. I hope you post pictures from your trip! Here is a trick. You can find episodes and content about Arizona, for example, by going to http://AmateurTraveler.com/tag/arizona



Great shots Chris! I’m planning a trip to that area next fall and cant wait to see it all. (I just hope I can fit it all in 8 days) Last month I took a trip thru Oregon and was blown away. Now I’ve got the travel bug.

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