Travel to Tanzania, Ngorogoro Crater part 1 – Video Episode 11

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Video of a photo safari to Ngorogoro Crater in Tanzania including zebra, wildebeests, hyenas, flamingos and a black rhino.

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“My Africa” by Anton Botes

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by Chris Christensen

I am the host of the Amateur Traveler. The Amateur Traveler is an online travel show that focuses primarily on travel destinations and what are the best places to travel to. It includes both a weekly audio podcast, a video podcast, and a blog.

3 Responses to “Travel to Tanzania, Ngorogoro Crater part 1 – Video Episode 11”

Andrew Darlow


Beautiful footage of Africa, and I enjoyed it even more after listening to the Tanzania podcasts. The zoom on the rhino was very impressive-sort of like Wide World of Sports!

Thanks Chris for a great podcast,

Andrew Darlow

Aimee H


Hi. I love the song in this podcast. We just got back from Tanzania (and LOVED it) and were hoping to play the song while showing our parents our photos. but I can’t find it online to download. where did you find it?



The song credit is above: “My Africa” by Anton Botes. I think I found it on which may not be around any more.

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