Walled City – Antibes, France – Photo

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Walled City - Antibes, France

If I were to move to France, one of the places I would think about living is Antibes. This beautiful city is “anti” or opposite Nice. At one point it was the last city in France on the coast and so it boasts a fortress. This picture is taken from that fortress of the walled town.

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by Chris Christensen

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Ann Elizabeth Schlegel


Hi Chris, I couldn’t agree with you more ! I love Antibes de tout mon coeur. I spent the last three summers there and for two of them I was fortunate to be the ‘artist in residence’. They gave the ‘Villa Fontaine’ to me to live in … Nikos Kazantzakis had lived there. It’s beautiful and has a terrace and views of the Mediterranean.

Check out my blog: http://paintingeachday.blogspot.com when you have the time … and also my Antibes series I, II, III on my website: http://www.annelizabethschlegel.com.

One day, I also hope to live there … the sooner the better !!

Take care –

p.s. beautiful photo !!

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