What Do You Mean Europe Is Expensive?

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Paris%20CafePeople go on about how expensive prices in Western Europe are.

I’m sitting here in Paris sipping a decent red wine I bought for $3 a bottle. I can travel all the way across Paris?20 km? for $1.50. I can ride a bike from one part of the city to the other for free (Velib). My wife and daughter took the TGV here from Bordeaux, a distance of 361 miles, for $30 each.

A hefty sandwich costs the same in Paris as in Boston (despite that the tax here is 20%, not 5%), but here it’s made with Ardennes ham and French Gruyere on a fresh baguette; and I’ve got a view of the

Seine, not the Charles, for my picnic. More elaborate meals cost about the same here as in Boston – despite the 15% more in tax paid here.

Entry to the Louvre – arguably the world’s greatest museum – costs $12. I saw the simply stupendous “Picasso and the Masters” exhibit at the Grand Palais for $16 – incredibly good. To go to the top of the Eiffel Tower costs $16, but you can get almost as good a view (and actually better for photos) on the lower levels for as little as $5. The sparkling strobe light show on the Eiffel Tower happens every hour of darkness on the hour, and costs nothing.

A rental apartment can get lodging costs for a couple down to less than $100 per night… in Paris! In fact, the apartment we are renting – two bedrooms, two baths, jacuzzi, wifi, full kitchen, in the trendy

Marais district only a 10-minute walk from Notre Dame – is costing us $166 per night.

So what on earth are people talking about?

Tom Brosnahan

Paris Travel Planner

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by TomBrosnahan

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Debo Hobo


Travel can be cost effective if a tourist lives like a resident and visit the shops, markets and eateries that the locals do. Good tip on the apartment. Please do a post on it as well. Thanks:)

Tom Brosnahan


Here’s a sneak peek at the Costs page of ParisTravelPlanner.com. The website is still under development and not open to the public, but readers of this blog can take a peek at this page. The nav links on the left-hand side will not work?just this page.


Tom Brosnahan

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Agreed !! We can reduce the expense by exploring Europe in streets rather than spending massive amount in 3 star or 5 star hotels. We can stay in apartment and hostel in Europe through which we can reduce expense. as city streets can be explore on foot so we can avoid more expense. This is really good post. Thanks for sharing with us.


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