Windjammer Barefoot Cruise’s SV Legacy – US Virgin Islands – Photo

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Windjammer Barefoot Cruise's SV Legacy - US Virgin Islands -  Photo

One of the best vacations I ever took was 10 years ago when my family and I took a Windjammer Barefoot Cruise in the Virgin Islands about the SV (Sailing Vessel) Legacy. This ship held no more than 106 passengers and dressing for dinner meant putting a t-shirt on over your swimsuit. The Legacy could stop at ports the large cruise ships wouldn’t and could even anchor just off some of the best snorkel spots.

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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

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Dexter Donham


While Legacy is no more, there are still plenty of sailing ships operating in the Caribbean and many other destination areas. We have over 60 different sailing ships on our Web site, in destinations all over the world.



I really miss the Windjammer cruises. Fellow cruise mates were with me the other night and for the life of us we couldn’t rember the nick name for the tenders, do you remember?

Dave and Diane King


Got married on St John’s island on our first Windjammer trip. We were hooked! So miss the crew, the ships and all our fellow Windjammers. Great people on those trips! Have never been able to duplicate any ot it! Great memories!



From 2000-2006 we sailed w Windjammer Barefoot cruises.  From Venezuela to the U.S. Virgins.  Our favorite islands were Mayruea(sp), Nevis and St. Luica.  I can post lots of beautiful pix from our adventures and many adventures we had.  I think the main reason, besides mismanagement, that Windjammer went down was letting kids on the SV’s!  There was a rule in 2000 and before no kids under 14.  We waited until our daughter was 14 before we started sailing and we didn’t miss a year.  Our 13 day cruise was with a new Venezuelan captain on the SV Legacy was a blast.  The first week he tested the ship on the rough Atlantic side, then after too many people puking and turning green, I offered the captain some advice…please sail the Caribbean side for the comfort of your passengers, their many jugs of grog that smashed to the floor and the safety of those who wake up at 0300 to watch the sun come up or ride the waves.  I loved it, but lots of folks didn’t.  I knew it was coming to an end when the last trip we took was in the U.S. Virgins the surrounding Caribbean islands…Virgin Gorda etc.  We were going in circles, the captain was a bore that was too safe of a sailor.  WE didn’t go anywhere!!  Those ships were meant to sail, we pleaded with him to hoist the sails and let the wind take us south, we did finally.  
I bumped buns w Mick Jagger on Mystic, smoked adult cigarettes on Union Island and Copper Isle was golden. Sandy Island was once covered with palm trees, not more than 200 x 100 yards big but the most beautiful reef I have ever snorkeled, just like “Finding Nemo” reefs.  Sorry Scotty got sunburned…you dumb kid!
I really miss the SV Legancy, SV Mandalay, SV Yankee Clipper and SV Polynesian.  The only one we didn’t sail was the Amazon bc there were no sails, it was the replenish ship.  “Long Live ‘Boat Races’ ”  Only those who sailed with the Scottish Captain on the Mandalay would know what the ‘Boat Race’ were.  God we miss it…Long Live the Tall Ships!!!  Hi Chris…I remember you!!

Chris Christensen


@jammer4life I don’t remember the Amazon, when I sailed on the Legacy the replentish ship was the Amazing Grace.



Ahh, you are correct, it was the Amazing Grace…amazon, well it was the first thing that popped in my head and seemed write.  Thanks for the correction.  Still miss the ships all the SV’s, Long Live Tall Ships!



Does anyone know where Capt Max is ?…Used to sail with him a couple of times. Would like to get in touch with him again.

Dan Nolan


My wife and I married on Oct. 28, 2006 and flew to Aruba on Oct. 29 to meet the S/V Legacy of Windjammer Barefoot Cruises. We really enjoyed the week long cruise of the ABC Island off Venezuela. The Capt. Was a young huge, football player type, Popeye was our Chief Steward and Chef. We had a Halloween beach party in Curaçao near an old stone fort in a harbor. Unfortunately the company went bankrupt the next year. The last I saw the S/V Legacy was near Costa Rica, listing to one side, it was cut up for scrap and will be only remembered on that remarkable trip. Our cruise had a California Supreme Court Judge and a full Colonel of the U.S. Army on board. No matter what we did in life, we were all just having a blast.



Sad to hear what happened to the Legacy.

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