Winter Beach Day – Santa Cruz, California – Photo

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Winter Beach Day - Santa Cruz, California

California really does have Winter. No, it is not like the winter in the midwest or in the northeast of the USA, but it is when we get almost all of our rain. Many people have frozen in San Francisco by not realizing that we do have seasons, even if they are more subtle. But this weekend, was one of those perfect California winter weekends when we were experiencing a beautiful Indian Summer with temperatures in the high 60s. So we went to the beach at Santa Cruz by the boardwalk. There were fewer people in bikinis then there will be in the Summer but it was a day to be outside and enjoy the coast. Granted the water here seldom gets much about 50 degrees.

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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

4 Responses to “Winter Beach Day – Santa Cruz, California – Photo”

Lisa @ Oahu Mom


I believe you. We have “winter” in Hawaii too. More rain, cool mornings and evenings, big surf on the north shore… Seasons don’t have to be extreme to still be seasons. Enjoy your winter!

Camels & Chocolate


I’m not particularly wild about Santa Cruz as a destination, but I do think it is quite photogenic–particularly the boardwalk area.

Funny you should post this now, as I just complained in my Photo Friday today about living in a place (SF) with no distinct seasons!



I like Santa Cruz, but if truth be told when I want a beach day I would usually go to Capitola as a beach city or one of the nicer beaches further down the bay like Seacliff or Sunset

Kelly P


This photo brings a smile to my face – plain and simple.

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