WordPress Plugin – Chris2x TagAds – Target Your Ads by Tags and Categories

The “Chris2x TagAds” WordPress Plugin lets you create inline ads in yourposts that target specific tags and categories. Ads are chosen at randomfrom among the ads that match the category or the tags associated withthe post. Ads are also placed randomly in the post so that refreshingthe post will chose both different ads and a different location withinthe post.

You will need to enter the ads that will be displayed on the page. Youcan do this using a page in the admin interface that appears under the’Setting’ section.

The current version of the plugin chooses 2 ads per post. It first looksat the tags for the post. If it finds fewer than 10 ads based on tags itwill also look at adds based on the category of the post. If it finds noads associated with either the tags or the categories it will use the‘global’ tag instead.

Chris2x TagAds WordPress Plugin

Chris2x TagAds WordPress Plugin

So for example, if you have a blog post about Madrid, Spain in theEurope Category you can target text link ads against that post for tagssuch as madrid, spain and the category europe.

Because the plugin uses tags and categories it changes posts but not pages.

See the following video tutorial for how the plugin works and how to configure it.

download Chris2x TagAds plugin

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