Yuen Po Street Bird Garden – Hong Kong – Photo

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One of the most interesting markets to both see and hear in Hong Kong is the bird market. It is a small market located close to the flower market between a stadium and the train tracks in Kowloon. Song birds are particularly popular at this market but many different varieties of birds are available. You know when you are getting close to this market when you start seeing people carrying bird cages. The Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is a short walk from the Prince Edward or Mong Kok East MTR stations. If you walk to the market from the Prince Edward station walk east on Prince Edward Road taking time to both stop in the flower market and at one of the wonderful bakeries on Prince Edward Road.


It was odd to me that many of the cages seemed over crowded but I suppose in a city where people live closer together than I am used to that is not really surprising. Later in the trip when we were in Macau we visited a park where it was said that old men would often gather and take their birds for a walk. Similarly, people in Hong Kong bring their birds to this market / garden to socialize with other bird lovers.

You can find anything you would need to care for your bird at the market – food, cages, etc.

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