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Carla Rountree works as a freelance engineering consultant and opera singer. She spends any remaining spare time running, biking, traveling (of course), and writing at Carla is not to be trusted around Cool Ranch Doritos.

App Review: “Stay” City Guides for iOS and Android

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After choosing the city you’d like to tackle, the app gives 5 options:  My Guides, City Guides, Suggestions, Find, and City Map.  The city guides that have been put together by […]

Happy Birthday to You – Washington, D.C., USA – Daily Photo

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Brilliant fireworks light up the night over Washington, D.C. to celebrate America’s birthday on the Fourth of July.

Ancient Faces – Angkor Thom, Cambodia – Daily Photo

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Established in the twelfth century, Angkor Thom translates to “Great City” and is located in Cambodia, approximately one mile north of Angkor Wat.

Book Review: “What’s Great About I-95″ by Barbara Barnes

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Barbara Barnes has taken on the daunting task of highlighting interesting facts, stories, and attractions along the entirety of Interstate 95 in “What’s Great About I-95“, the first guide of her planned “Interesting […]

The National Mall – Washington, D.C., USA – Daily Photo

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Fortune Teller Guinea Pig – Sophia, Bulgaria – Daily Photo

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Forget palm reading or astrological charts, in Bulgaria’s capital city of Sofia, a guinea pig will select the card which holds your fortune.

Women of the Black H’mong Hill Tribe – Vietnam – Daily Photo

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The women of the Black H’mong hill tribe in mountains of northern Vietnam traverse miles of mountainous terrain each day to work in the rice paddies or sell their handmade goods to […]

Book Review – “The Expeditioner’s Guide to The World”

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The Expeditioner’s Guide to the World: Intrepid Tales of Awesomeness from the Open Road is a compilation of stories, poems, advice, and even a snarky traveler’s version of Bingo put together by […]