Free Israel Travel Guide PDF

Douglas E. Duckett was a guest on two different episodes of Amateur Traveler about Israel:

He is also a regular contributor to the Israel travel forum and customer reviews of hotels and restaurants found on TripAdvisor.

Douglas has written a 66 page long Free Israel Travel Guide PDF which you can use to help plan your trip to Israel.

The guide covers:

  • Travel to Israel
  • Getting around Israel
  • Hiking tour guides
  • When to go
  • Booking a hotel in Israel
  • Security Issues
  • Exchanging Money
  • Tipping
  • Packing
  • Cultural Tips
  • Suggested Itineraries:
    • Tel Aviv—The White City, The Heart of Modern Israel (3 nights)
    • Haifa—The City by the Bay (2 to 3 nights)
    • Tsfat (Safed)—The Mystical City (1 night)
    • Tiberias—The Gateway to the Kinneret and Galilee Region (2 nights)
    • Jerusalem—The Holy City (6 to 7 nights)
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