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The Amateur Traveler podcast and blog are the creation of Chris Christensen.

When did the Amateur Traveler start?

The first Amateur Traveler podcast episode went out July 2th of 2005.

Tell us about your show and who should be listening to it?

The Amateur Traveler audio podcast is about travel destinations. It helps you decide where to go next. The show usually features an interview with a destination expert or with a traveler who has been to the destination recently. The show intends to motivate people to travel. The Amateur Traveler media kit has quotes from people who have in fact been motivated by Amateur Traveler to do just that.

Chris Christensen at Meteora, Greece

Chris Christensen at Meteora, Greece

Why did you create the Amateur Traveler?

The podcast content predates the other blog content. I am a podcast junky and listen to around 70-90 podcasts. I knew I wanted to do a podcast before I knew what the podcast would be about. Then on Memorial Day in 2005 we had friends over for a BBQ and all the best stories were travel stories. It was then that the idea for the podcast and website was created.

What is your background?

By day I work at a startup in Silicon Valley. I am by trade a software engineer, manager and executive.

Other than a little experience at my college radio station I had not done any audio work before starting podcasting, although I have done a fair amount of public speaking. I do, however, come from a long line of story tellers. Some day I will do a podcast about the stories my father told me growing up: the time my grandfather walked into the bank while it was being robbed, the story about their dog that saved my aunt from a rattlesnake, etc.

Growing up we did a lot of traveling for vacation, usually pulling a small trailer between various national parks. The success of a vacation for the Christensens was measured with an odometer.

I enjoy learning new languages before I travel and have studied German, French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Turkish, Russian, Swahili and Greek. I find the language to be a great window into a culture. For instance in Swahili the language uses the same word for guest and stranger. In Chinese the character for good is a woman with a baby. Although I have studied a number of languages I am only fluent in English and that only when properly caffeinated.

Do you make any money off of things you advertise on the Amateur Traveler?

Not always, but I should. Let’s just assume that every link is an affiliate link and leave it at that. I don’t recommend products that I don’t like, so don’t ask me to.

For instance, we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

Is there anything else your listeners should know about you, your show, etc?

Two of my passions are learning new things and humor. I think both are reflected in the show. A number of people have commented that the show has a “comfortable” style. I like that. I think my grandfather would be pleased with that.


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