Guest Post Guidelines

guest post guidelines



I gladly accept guest blog posts for the Amateur Traveler. Anyone is welcome to submit one, but I only take posts that meet my quality standards. I usually reject 75% of the posts that are sent to me because they are written by writers who don’t write in fluent English or clearly have never seen the destination they are writing about. 


The article of the post is welcome to link to appropriate resources. If you link to a hotel, just link the name of the hotel. If you link to a blog, use the blog URL (for example I do not charge for simple links although I do need you to tell me which links are important to you in an article. 

But, trying to link to the hotel with “best hotel in Los Angeles” to improve your SEO is a different thing. I only want a few of those and they will be nofollow links. I do this because I have been warned in the past by Google when I did not. Don’t bother asking for an exception.

Amateur Traveler does not accept links for casinos and outline gambling, marijuana, or essay writing services.


We charge $200 for a guest post when that guest post is for a company. Add $200 to the cost if I write the article or commission it.
We do not charge bloggers unless that post has commercial links.


I am required by law to disclose when a post is sponsored. I prefer to have a post come out under the byline of the author but do sometimes accept ghost written posts, but there still needs to be disclosure.


I need to make sure I have a legal right to use any photos. Don’t bother sending me photos you don’t own. I can find creative commons licensed or public domain photos if I need to. 

What You Get

I don’t currently can’t pay for posts. All stories will remain the property of the writer who is granting a non-exclusive license for the story to appear on the Amateur Traveler.

The story will appear under the author’s byline and will end with the author’s biography which certainly can and should have links to the author’s website.

Looking for Good Stories

I looking for posts of 1200+ words.

What I am looking for is good travel writing stories.

  1. The stories have to have a point
  2. They need to be written in such as fashion as not to need a lot of editing, since I don’t have time for that
  3. I am specifically not looking for posts that just tell me “we went here and we did this” without offering insight or perspective
  4. Posts can either be destination pieces (a trip that others could also take) or essay but I strongly prefer destination based content
  5. Stories should not have appeared elsewhere, although an exception might be granted in particular cases

See What Makes Good Travel Writing? and Improve Your Writing – Tell A Story


1) You can submit a story via email to [email protected]

2) Please include a two line bio for the author of the article. My biography, for instance is:

<a href=””>Chris Christensen</a> is the host of the Amateur Traveler. Chris left his day job in January 2010. He was the Executive Vice President of Engineering and Operations for a company in Silicon Valley (<a href=””>LiveWorld</a>) that runs online communities for companies like eBay, Marriott, American Express, Campbells, Kimberly Clark, A&E, and Mini Cooper

3) Make sure you have a gravitar at which is registered with the email of the author.

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