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I would like to invite you to join the Amateur Traveler newsletter which will provide you news about what is new at the Amateur Traveler podcast and blog. The newsletter, podcast and blog are all Free (so what if the Chicago Sun Times called the Amateur Traveler one of the 10 best travel sites on the internet),

If you just wandered in here off the streets and don’t know what the Amateur Traveler is, then you are in for a treat.

The Podcast (an Internet Audio Show)

The weekly Amateur Traveler show is usually 25-35 minutes long and typically features an interview focusing on a specific destination.  Occasional shows will focus on a theme such as budget travel or traveling with kids.

The guests on the Amateur Traveler are travelers and storytellers. Some of the guests are published travel authors like Pauline Frommer or Lonely Planet’s Robert Reid. Other guests are amateurs like Chris, a lawyer from Atlanta, who has been on the show describing swimming with whales in Tonga, visiting the mountain gorillas in Rwanda and photographing the wild horses in Mongolia.

The shows have a mix of domestic US and international destinations. Episodes tend to focus more on independent travel but have also dealt with cruises, high-end safaris and packaged bicycle tours. The show features an mp3 version and an iTunes enhanced version with photos and links.

The Blog

The Amateur Traveler blog covers a range of travel destinations and topics including: air travel, adventure travel, bicycle travel, budget travel, cruise travel, family travel,  round the world travel, solo travel, travel gear, travel books and volunteer travel.

With a photo of the day it may be best known for for travel photography.


The newsletter is what my father called a try-weekly. I try and get one out weekly but it probably comes out more like once a month.Chris Christensen

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