Where should I travel next? Where should I go on vacation? Where in the world should I travel?

Amateur Traveler Podcast

The Amateur Traveler started in 2005 and comes out pretty much every Saturday morning California time, so we have covered a lot of destinations. Each episode of Amateur Traveler focuses on a different travel destination. We focus on why you should go there and what should you do for a one week itinerary. What should you see? What should you do? What should you eat?

A typical episode is an interview of someone who has visited a destination, lives at a destination, or wrote the book on it.

If you think you have what it would take to be on the Amateur Traveler, then listen to an episode first and then checkout our guide to pitch an episode.

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Each episode comes in two versions:

  • mp3 – this version is made to play on any player, computer, etc that can play music files.
  • iTunes enhanced – this version is an AAC file and includes pictures and links that illustrate the episode. It can be played on iPhones, iPads and in the free iTunes program.