The Colossus of Memphis – Memphis, Egypt – Photo

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The enormous carving of Rameses II is viewed at a museum that was built around the treasure

This is the colossus of Memphis, a statue of Rameses II lying down inside a museum built for it. The guy in the photo is the caretaker, who was cracking jokes from the minute we walked in, all the while telling us about the history of this amazing piece. He ended up in all our pictures because he was such a likable guy. The colossus is about 36 feet long (without its feet) – it is so large that you can only get a good shot from the balcony above.

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by David Elwood

David Elwood is an avid scuba diver, leisure traveler and cancer survivor. He has traveled extensively to witness the wonderful things the world has to offer . His latest hobby, travel photography, continues to take him to faraway places.

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