Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico – Amateur Traveler Episode 174 Transcript

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Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico – Episode 174 Transcript

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Chris: Got it.

Sarah: there was a lot more destruction there. Yeah. But both you definitely, definitely want to get a guide for both of them because

Chris: That’s just what I was going to ask. Ok.

Sarah: Yeah. It’s just so much more worth it with a guide. You can do it alone but unless you know a great deal about prehispanic archaeology you’re going to be a little lost. So..

Chris: And is that something you would get in town before you go up there or are there local guides there when you get there?

Sarah: Yeah, you could easily do it just getting a local guide when you get there. From Mitla, I would say it might be worth it to take the tour because

Chris: Ok.

Sarah: They’ll take you like to a mescal factory before hand

Chris: Ok.

Sarah: Which is pretty cool and they’ll take you to a couple of different places. And I didn’t see many tour guides wandering around when I was there. But if you go to Monte Alban, for example, you can easily get a bus or a taxi from the city center and then there are tons of guides there and they’ll all be wearing their like authorized passes and what not to show that they’re authorized guides and then that should cost you maybe 200 pesos or like $20 for a guide.

Chris: Ok. And one of the things that always impressed me with, I believe, the 2nd sight that you’re mentioning is the fact that they just took off the top of a mountain to put a city there.

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