Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Amateur Traveler Episode 98 Transcript

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Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Episode 98 Transcript

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Chris: Any other highlights of Amsterdam as we’re just doing our quick pass through once here?

Daniel: Just walking through the streets. I’m sure it’s just one of those places I personally like to just walk around. Our return trip we only spent the night there because we were flying out of Schiphol Airport and we stayed in a different hotel. We stayed near the red light district and that was an experience. I don’t know that I would do it again but it certainly was cool to do it just the one time. And you know you certainly get to see what makes Amsterdam a very liberal place. But it’s also just cool to walk around. You get to see a lot of the hidden culture that the city has to offer. There’s little houses where Rembrandt lived and nobody really makes a big deal about it. It’s just down the street from the synagogue, that’s it. There’s also the areas where you can get some of the hidden history in terms of you know what happened during WWII, the bunkers and the buildings that were used as secret meeting places. Those are kind of outlined in various areas of the city. Just to hang out and relax. It is a very laid back city and if you just want to go and have a nice time just relaxing but in the middle of the city, it is certainly one of the best places to do it.

Chris: Ok. Now one thing you mentioned is that you had taken the train from Brussels up to Amsterdam. So you decided this time not to rent a car but to get around by train. What was part of that decision process?

Daniel: We flew to Brussels and Amsterdam as part of a tour deal that we found through a tour agency. It wasn’t guided but they sort of packaged all the amenities in there and it was a really good price so we decided to take it.

Chris: So you did a self-guided tour where they’re basically booking all the accommodations and the transportation but you are on your own in the cities?

Daniel: Yep.

Chris: How interesting. Ok.

Daniel: That’s what accounts for the fact that we went from Belgium to Netherlands then back down to Belgium and back up because the first part of the tour was what was covered by our package deal. And then after that was done we decided to stay another week and then we went back down to Brugge and then up to Delft and back into Amsterdam. Yeah, not to mention that it’s just cool taking the train. We had the chance to take the trains extensively when we spent a month in Europe back in 2001 and on our subsequent trips to Europe the second time was in Ireland and we used a car because Ireland it is just better to rent a car and then we spent a week in Paris which you just don’t move around. You just spend the time in the city.

Chris: And so your next stop was Brugge?

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