Knight at the Museum – New York City – Photo

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Knight at the Museum - New York City

On this week’s This Week in Travel both Gary and I talked about our love for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Gary called it the best art museum in the world and I came up just short of saying the same thing. This is a display of medieval armor from the Met.

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by Chris Christensen

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karenho fattt


Awesome armour. England also has some of the best Museums in the world! The Leeds Armoury I visited a few years back also has spectacular armour. Never seen such beautiful craftsmanship from the good old days from all different countries. Armour for elephants, horses etc. That is teh one museum I would love to go to again, we spent all daythere. It was quite an eye opener!



I also liked the display of armor in the Tower of London.

Terry at Overnight New York


I live in New York, so I’m extremely partial to the Met. To paraphrase Samuel Johnson, a person who is tired of the Met is tired of life. And the arms and armor exhibition is superb. One thing that always bowls me over is how small the average medieval soldier was. Equally fascinating is the display of Samurai armor in the next rooms, which includes elaborately embellished body armor, swords and helmets almost surreal in their design.

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