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Hear about travel to New York City as the Amateur Traveler talks to Pauline Frommer about her hometown. Pauline was born in New York City and never moved away. She is the author of “Frommer’s Easy Guide to New York City“.

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“New Yorkers have never been known for our humility. You haven’t lived until you come to New York City. As I say in the book I wrote, we just have more more here. We have the western hemisphere’s best museums, the Metropolitan Museum is the largest in this hemisphere. We have extraordinary chefs from all corners of the globe. We’re the center for culture: dance, theater, many types of music. New York has more outdoor green spaces than any city in the United States. The people here, we get a bad rap, people think that we’re not friendly and I have always found that to be the opposite of the truth. None of us drive. I have never owned a car in my life. So we are out on the streets. We are used to talking to people. People who I have met who have come here are really surprised at how friendly we are.”

In less than an hour, Pauline takes us on a whirlwind tour of the Big Apple including some of the newer sites, like the 9/11 Museum and The High Line, as well as some of the iconic sites like the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Empire State Building. We learn why the #7 subway line has become a national landmark, why there used to be a dairy in Central Park and where you can find good Icelandic food or fusion Jewish Japanese cuisine.

Pauline gives us her list of favorite museums in the city including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. We debate whether The Guggenheim is worth the entrance fee or whether The Cloisters are worth the trip. We talk about great museums like the American Museum of Natural History and lesser-known gems like the Museum of the Moving Image and the Tenement Museum.

We talk about visiting New York City in Winter or Summer. New York is never cheap but there are cheaper times to visit. Whether you are hanging out in Central Park, exploring the history of the city or meeting one of the Rockettes, New York City has more to see than you can possibly experience on one trip.

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Show Notes

City of New York
NYC Subway
9/11 Memorial & Museum
The 10 Best BBQ Spots in NYC
NY Waterway Terminals
Statue of Liberty Tickets
Ellis Island
Broadway Box
Theatre Mania
Shakespeare in the Park
Messiah in NYC 2014
Fringe NYC
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Chinatown, Manhattan
Tenement Museum
Shalom Japan
Village Vanguard
Empire State Building
New York Pass
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum of Modern Art
The Guggenheim
Whitney Museum of American Art
Visit the Cloisters
Rockefeller Center
Radio City Music Hall
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral
Central Park
American Museum of Natural History
Cathedral of Saint John the Divine
Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Museum of the Moving Image
Big Apple Greeter
Hotel Tonight
The High Line
Katz Delicatessen
Dirty Water Dogs
Frommer’s EasyGuide to NYC 2015


Chris Bogdon wrote:


It was interesting we did Poland back to back with Slovakia. When she was talking about the Tatra Mts in Slovakia it was the exact same range that I was referring to when I talked about Zakopane which is on the Polish Side.



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