Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Amateur Traveler Episode 98 Transcript

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Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium – Episode 98 Transcript

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Daniel: Absolutely. We only did it in Brugge because of time constraints but if it were really up to us, we’d do it everywhere. Over there, if you’re not biking, you are going too slow.

Chris: Well, thanks so much for being on the show Daniel.

Daniel: No, thank you for having me.

Chris: Again, I don’t have any Internet access at the time that I am recording this and therefore no interest resources for this particular show. But I did have some letters from the community that I wanted to share. I got one from Amanda from Plymouth, Indiana who says, “Here’s a weird one for you. In episode 74 Word Nerds Hit Denmark or something like that. The Word Nerd guy you interviewed used a neat word you would explain later. The word meant a tell in a conversation that somehow shows your origin like an Eastcoastener saying “soda”. I think that was the definition and I needed a word that means that twice recently. Sadly I’m on dial up and downloading that whole podcast would take close to 4 hours. Do you remember the word? My husband is forcing me to watch Die Hard movies again and in Die Hard III he gets in an elevator with the bad guys who slip and call it a lift. That’s exactly what your nerd, I think, meant.”

And the word that Amanda was searching for is shibboleth. I will put a link in the show notes to the word shibboleth. It is a word that actually comes from the Old Testament from a story where they were using the pronunciation of a particular word to tell what tribe someone was from. I think it was the tribe of Dan if I remember correctly, but I don’t have access to that right now. Again, I’ll put a link to that in the show notes. So in our family, for instance, if you say. pronounce the round orange fruit and you get the answer “orange” you know that somebody might be from New York.

I also got an email from Ed and Ed said “Hi. One of the nice things from our era is that podcast technology is widespread enough to be usable yet new enough so that podcast creators are more accessible than the stars of other media. That’s great because I bet you actually read this note of thanks and appreciation.”

And I do in fact read all the emails I get and I think I always respond also.

“I love listening to the Amateur Traveler because even when I am doing yard work at home, I can vicariously enjoy a crazy, grueling, yet rewarding trip to Southern Spain or learn about the best places to go to get the authentic Greek experience. Most of the podcasts I listen to are in a foreign language so that I can hear a good show and also sharpen my French or learn some Spanish. But a few English podcasts are too good to pass up. I enjoy the Amateur Traveler largely because you do and your enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks very much for the excellent podcast. May you have wonderful travels in the future and may you tell us all about it.”

Thanks to Cindy the Amateur Traveler intern for transcribing this episode

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