10 Amazing Places To Visit In India

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India is an incredibly beautiful country that offers varied experiences to travelers. From the rocky terrains to smooth sandy beaches, from north to south and east to west, on the blue sea and lush land, the eternal globetrotter’s vacations begin in India. Here is a comprehensive list of lesser-known destinations to visit in India.

Rishikesh India


The yoga capital of the globe, this holy town is home to a myriad of ashrams, temples and yoga schools. Tucked far away from the hustle-bustle of the city, thousands of people come to seek deeper spiritual consciousness. The Beatles visited this sacred land in 1968 to learn transcendental meditation and they also composed many songs of their White Album here. The sacred Ganges flows through the Rishikesh caking through the Himalayas. If dipping in its sacred water for a divine experience is on your bucket list, this is your best opportunity to make it happen. The natural environs and cool breeze infuse positivity into the atmosphere making it a perfect spot for travelers and peace seekers.

Houseboat in Kerala, India


A tropical paradise of swaying palms and beautiful sandy beaches nestled in Southern India, Kerala is a narrow strip of coastal land that extends down the Western Ghats in a cascade of lush green forests and reaches to the Arabian Sea. With its glorious hills, glistening backwaters, and colorful houseboats, Kerala is a treat to explore. The land of Yoga and Ayurveda, Kerala is also eminent for its one of the most ancient Martial Art forms ‘Kalaripayattu’, authentic Panchakarma treatments, mohiniattam, and nerve-wracking adventures. Experience absolute serenity and leisure in Varkala, Munnar, Wayanad, in Kerala, India. Kerala has so much to offer to its visitors that it has secured its place as one of the top 10 most-avowed natural destinations on the planet.

Goa, India


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10 Amazing Places To Visit In India - Rishikesh, Kerala, Goa, Khajuraho, Dharamsala, Mysore, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Auli, PuneThe smallest state of India, Goa, is more than scenic beaches and trance parties. A kaleidoscopic blend of Portuguese and Indian culture, sweetened with sun-kissed beaches, appetizing seafood, and solace, there is no place in India like it. Goa’s biggest attraction is undoubtedly the virtual shimmering sand stretches along the Arabian sea, but it also draws visitors for its Portuguese architecture and heritage which is still alive in the form of whitewashed churches, colorful catholic ceremonies, stunning cathedrals of old Goa, and local houses.  If you are looking for a yogic experience, then Goa won’t disappoint you here either as you can find everything from drop-in yoga classes to yoga teacher training programs and yoga retreats.


If you are feeling a gravitational pull towards divinity and architectural heritage then Khajuraho is one such place that can satiate the thirst for an artsy soul-stirring exploration. The town is a cradle of beautiful temples that are adorned with Nagara style of architecture, work of erotica and stunning sculptures. Khajuraho is a recognized UNESCO world heritage site and the preferred location for studying Tantra yoga. The Vindhya range of mountains in the backdrop makes the town of Khajuraho even more fascinating. The town is blessed with placid environs, pampered wildlife, and cascading waterfalls. Explore the wilderness of Panna National park, Ken Gharial Sanctuary and allure your eyes with enthralling views of Raneh Falls.


Located in the picturesque Kangra valley and set across the Dhauladhar mountain range in Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala is an ideal place for nature lovers. The cool weather and the dense covering of Deodar and Pine trees are a visual treat for the visitors. The home to the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, Dharamsala is the perfect place to undergo teachings of Buddhism, spirituality and to explore the Tibetan culture.


Mysore is an enchanting yogic gem of South India, famed for royal heritage, magnificent monuments, and the age-old practice of Ashtanga yoga. Mysore is a tradition-rich city littered with spices and incense stores.  Another drawing card of this city is its natural beauty, bountiful trekking options, and friendly, helpful citizens. The Somnathpur temples, Brindavan Gardens, Mysore sand sculpture museum, Karanji Kake are some of the places visitors can’t afford to miss.


India’s most developed and progressive city, Bangalore is blessed with a benevolent climate and with stunning Victorian Era architecture. From palaces to gardens, hills to waterfalls, caves to museums, Bangalore is a treat to satiate your wandering soul. The city is also famous for its lovely parks and is globally-eminent as the ‘Garden city’.


Coimbatore is an incredible beauty in the Kongunadu district of Tamilnadu with bountiful treasures such as national parks, gardens, sanctuaries, waterfalls, dams, and sacred sites. It is a perfect indulgence for the food lovers as the city offers lip-smacking south Indian food, tantalizing street food, and various other delicacies. The splendid beauty and serenity present in this city draw many travelers to its lap for the upliftment of spiritual practices. Not to mention, the town is famous for its alluring coffee and tea gardens.

Auli, India


The skiing destination of India, Auli is one of the surprising to explore. Auli offers pristine views of flowing rivers, lush greenery, historic architecture, and the Nanda Devi range. This fascinating place with snow-clad mountains, slopes flanked with dense coniferous trees, and pathways laden with colorful flowers should not be missed.


Pune is synonymous with Iyengar Yoga as B.K.S Iyengar has actively spread the yoga knowledge in this city. It is famous for its Osho International Meditation Resort, an ashram founded by Late Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

With so much history, natural beauty, jaw-dropping adventures, and outstanding weather add these places to your itinerary and compose an ideal travel destination list to visit in India.


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