3 Of The Best Turkish Baths In Istanbul

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Turkish Baths

Within the last few years Istanbul has gained a reputation as a hub for the hip and happening. Nightclubs are packed, trendy bars are bustling and the restaurants in Istanbul are amongst some of the best in the world.

But not all is shiny and new. In fact much of Istanbul’s decadent past remains, including its historic Turkish Baths. A hallmark of the city, the Turkish Baths of Istanbul are still used by locals today, and are a wonderful way to not only relax after a big night out, but experience the old side of Istanbul. But where to begin?

Three of the Best Turkish Baths In Istanbul

Çemberlitas Hamami

Cemberlitas is Istanbul’s most visited Turkish bath, also known as a hammam and a great place to visit for tourists who are new to the experience. Its location on Divanyolu Street, surrounded by numerous attractions, makes Cemberlitas an easy resting point after a morning of sightseeing. The hammam itself is also an impressive historical site, dating back as early as 1584. Inside the bath house is a heated marble platform called the sicaklik which is surrounded by bathing basins and private bathing cubicles. The traditional way to enjoy the hammam is to relax and perspire on the hot marble, followed by an exfoliating scrub and rinse in one of the basins. The hammam also offers numerous services catered towards tourists.

Tarihi Galatasaray Hamami

For a more traditional bath experience, head to the Tarihi Galatasaray in Beyoglu. When it was built by Sultan Beyazit II in 1481, the hammam was considered more than just a bath but a way of life where locals both rich and poor, men and women, would visit freely. Today the Hammam is still popular with locals, particularly business men. The traditional Tarihi Galatasaray treatment is conducted by a person called a ‘Kesaci’, who begins by dry scrubbing your body using a mitt made of goat hair called a ‘Kesa.’ After the exfoliation, the Kescai will rub you with rich olive oil, followed by a rinse off in a basin of warm water. After drying off, the last treatment is a 20 minute oil massage which takes place outside of the bath house.

Haseki Hürrem Hamami

Located between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, The Haseki Hürrem Sultan Hamami is the biggest bath house in Istanbul and beloved for its impressive interior. Though built in 1557, the Hammam was abandoned as a bath house for numerous years due to its lack of retaining heat. After being used as a coal-fuel tank and a carpet exhibition venue, in 2007 the spectacular Ottoman building was restored back to its original function. Today the Haseki Hürrem Sultan Hamami retains the original hammam design featuring two baths that are seventy-five meters long each, as well as dome ceilings and grey marble.

With flights to Istanbul readily accessible and great value, the city is a metropolis for the cool and cultured.


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The Acemoglu Hamam was a nice bath house with architecture from the Ottoman era.

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