Arenal Volcano Tourist Guide – Costa Rica

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Arenal Volcano

La Fortuna, Costa Rica is a lovely town that is situated at a distance of 6.4 kilometers from the famed Arenal Volcano, which attracts tourists from all over the world. The town’s history, people and lifestyle is intricately intertwined with the Volcano.

The Arenal Volcano is a very active volcano with eruptions happening almost daily which sends lava flows and ash plumes up to one kilometer above the volcano, while pushing boulders down its sides. Its eruptions are most beautiful during the night and the volcano stands towering above the surrounding natural landscape of the lovely Arenal National Park, where it is located. In geological terms, the Arenal Volcano is a very young volcano and its existence is less than 3000 years. It scenic beauty has made it to be the most popular of all the volcanoes here.

Top Five Places to See Near Arenal Volcano

Lake Arenal – This Lake is situated inside the Arenal National Park and it is a popular place for visitors. It is situated in close proximity to the majestic Arenal Volcano. It has a surface area of more than 85 sq km and it is Costa Rica’s largest landlocked water body. It is popular for providing water sport opportunities such as windsurfing, kite surfing, charter fishing, white water rafting and boating safari tours and is also popular for its rainbow fish.

La Fortune Waterfall – This is a majestic 40 meter waterfall that can be accessed through a 5.5 km gravel road from the town of La Fortune. There is a steep trail, leading to the bottom of the waterfall where you can enjoy a wonderful swim.

Arenal National Park – This is an expansive natural reserve that is spread across 7,413 acres of land which encompasses the active Arenal Volcano and the dormant Cerro Chato. It is part of the larger Arenal Conservation Area which is responsible for protecting eight of the country life zones and 16 natural reserves that lie between the Guanacaste and Tilarán mountains.

Hanging Bridges – These are a series of bridges that are connected by trails and which are located right in front of the Arenal Volcano, just on the corridor followed by migratory birds. Visitors can peer into the thick forests, experience reptiles gliding by and enjoy seeing wildlife at close quarters.

Vernado Caves – Situated some 3 km from La Fortuna Town, these caves were formed some 15 to 20 million years ago and they are simply breathtaking when explored. Guided tours are available which take visitors across pathways and crawling holes.

Visit the Hot Springs

Arenal Volcano Tourist Guide – Costa Rica #volcano #costarica #travelThe immense geothermal activity in La Fortuna has turned it into a place with many hot springs, where you can enjoy the soothing effect of natural hot water, take mud baths or just enjoy a rejuvenating dip. The many important hot springs here such as the Eco Termales Hot Springs, Titokú Hot Springs, Los Perdidos Hot Springs, Baldi Hot Springs and the Los Laureles Hot Springs.

Available Tours

There are various ways in which you can explore the beauty of La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano. You can explore it through horseback tours, white water rafting tours, hiking tours and horseback tours.

Book Accommodation

There are many spa resorts and lavish hotels in La Fortuna where you and book a room for your vacation stay. The booking can be done through a travel agent or through an online travel portal. Some hotels that you can consider for booking accommodation include Arenal Manoa, Arenal Spring Resort, Hotel Royal Corin, Mountain paradise Hotel, Hotel Arenal Rabfer etc.

Check Weather

You need to check the local weather before booking any tours. It’s best to get a weekly forecast on the weather so that you know the minimum and maximum temperatures here during the week of your visit. Find out if there will be rain and the condition of the winds by looking up detailed weather forecasts. In case of any serious volcanic eruptions, the local authorities will inform tourists about precautions and which areas are out of bounds. These rules must be obeyed during the visit for safety purposes.

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