How Barren is The Burren? – Ireland – Photo

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How Barren is The Burren - Ireland - Photo

When Cromwell was subduing Ireland for England he sent an officer to look for a place to relocate rebellious Irishmen from the center of the island. When the officer, he wrote back, “There is not a tree to hang a man from, water to drown one in nor dirt to bury one in. This is just the place you are looking for.” The Irish were given the choice of hanging or relocating here. The could go “to hell or Connaught”.

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by Chris Christensen

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Karl Anders


Nice picture, Chris! It may seem barren but it contains hundreds of species of wildflowers, not only of Arctic type but also of Mediterranean varieties. The warming Gulf stream allows for this kind of botanical diversity, so it’s popular with plant-lovers in the spring and summer.



really cool shot!

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