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We drove right by Bistro Casanova the first time without seeing it. It is located in an office building in downtown Kahului in an area not known for restaurants. Bistro Casanova opened in the last year, but the owner already had a popular restaurant with locals up country in Maui.


My meal started with a Maui onion soup.  I like a good onion  soup but I can make it at home so I don’t really expect to be surprised by it. But this was the sort of soup that has you pass it around the table to get other people to taste it. I did not get the recipe but I tasted more interesting cheeses and herbs than in a traditional French onion soup.


As I mentioned on Travel to Maui revisited – part 2 – Amateur Traveler

Episode 226, the press trip that I was on when I was on Maui was focusing on locally grown foods. I ordered the beef from Maui Cattle company who we had visited earlier in the week. Even now, a few weeks later my mouth waters as I think about the flavor of the tender beef in this dish.


We finished this meal with a variety of dessert crepes. I apologize for showing you a picture of my dessert after I already started eating it but this is not the sort of dessert that you sit and just look at.

I have eaten at many nice restaurants both on this trip as well as during my 3 other trips to Maui but Bistro Casanova is my new favorite. Bistro Casanova is not close to most of the resort areas but this is a restaurant worth going out of your way to get to.


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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

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i forget to take photos, too, when the dessert comes. this is DEFINITELY a place to head to – thank you! YUM!



Dessert photos often get taken with the dessert half-way eaten. Makes perfect sense; prompt eating is essential! Looks like a great meal.

Nancie (Ladyexpat)


Everything looks amazingly good!

Zatar Cafe & Bistro


Chris Christensen’s review of Bistro Casanova in Maui offers an insightful glimpse into a hidden gem nestled in an unexpected downtown Kahului location. His narrative captures the essence of discovery, highlighting the restaurant’s understated presence in an office area not typically associated with dining spots. The mention of the owner’s prior success with another local favorite adds a layer of credibility and intrigue, suggesting that Bistro Casanova is not just a place to eat but a destination where culinary expertise and local flavors meet. This review not only serves as an enticing guide for food enthusiasts and travelers but also underscores the delightful surprises that await in Maui’s diverse culinary landscape, inviting readers to explore beyond the conventional tourist paths.

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