Book Review: “Paint Stop Boom” by Anna Sarelas

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 book cover of Paint Stop Boom, a fiction thriller by Anna Sarelas

With a name like “Paint Stop Boom”, I couldn’t imagine the premise of the new novel by Anna Sarelas. Not being a fan of fiction, I was pleasantly surprised by the story and the writing of this author. Sarelas writes with an interesting style, combining a rich descriptive vocabulary along with interviews to convey this captivating tale.

Without spoiling the book for anyone, I can say that it is a far-fetched and imaginative account. The concept is that the main character, Anais, has a mysterious gift that can save people from death. To add to the mystery, she experiences incredible pain as a result of it. She is unaware of the extent of her power but a small group of people know of it and work secretly to exploit her for the good of others. The story unravels as she becomes aware of the group, especially one member who falls in love with her. The ending is predictable by design but wrapped up nicely.

While not technically a travel book, I was really impressed with it as a great travel read. It is the kind of book you want to read on a plane or while sitting on the beach at your favorite travel destination. It is a great way to be entertained, surprised and to pass some hours enjoying a great story. Pick up a copy of this eBook at any online bookseller as well as on iTunes.

Disclosure: A free copy of this book was provided with the expectation that the reader would provide an honest review.

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