Book Review: “Thailand Surprise” by Coco Bijou

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Thailand_Surprise In “Thailand Surprise“, a book by Coco Bijou, two women take a journey through Thailand expressing their thoughts and emotions as they travel. The book is filled with various photographs, snapshots, and pictures of drawings of the places they encountered on their tour. It is touted as a book intended for prospective first-time visitors and it might achieve that goal.

The book focuses on their tour, starting from Bangkok and their visit to Wat Pho temple, then to a place called Koh Samui with beautiful sunsets and vistas. They visited Old Chiang Mai city and the temples there, at every stage documenting the trip with candid shots of architecture, street/temple scenes, and various items seen only in Thailand.

It is really only a snapshot of what is possible to see in Thailand and only from the perspective of a week-long trip. Frankly, this book doesn’t have much substance and wouldn’t fill the pages except for the accompanying photos. The photos alternate between artful shots and very simple snaps of their trip locations.

The book could be a very nice coffee table book and does have some very nice photos. Those seeking more detail on various cities in Thailand will find the book lacking. It does not offer much more than a glimpse of a few places in Thailand so would not be a great travel resource.

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David Elwood

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