Breast Implants & Pythons: Items Left Behind in Hotel Rooms

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How often in your life have you returned home from a vacation, or business trip, and slapped your hand to your forehead realizing that you left behind a makeup bag, a briefcase, your lucky pen, or maybe even your underwear—embarrassing! 
Hotel room in Kowloon, Hong Kong

According to Travelodge, the most common items left behind by the guests of their 527 different hotels usually includes items such as clothes, teddy bears, books, phone and laptop chargers, toiletry bags, etc. However, 2012 brought about quite a few odd ball items left behind, as well—get ready to feel completely normal about leaving behind your boxer shorts!

  • A Trunk Filled with Chocolate! Left behind by a Chinese tourist in Birmingham, after having visited Cadbury World—personally, my reaction to this was “There’s a Cadbury WORLD?!” and they have trunks filled with chocolate?! That’s just me, though.
  • Over 20,000 Books: While a book isn’t a terribly unusual item to leave behind in a hotel, the fact that nearly 1/3rd of 20,000 books left at all 527 Travelodge locations was “Fifty Shades of Grey” By: E.L. James, does kind of make one do a double take. We suppose, congratulations to E.L. James is in order, though, as that’s pretty impressive!
  • A Bucket of Live CRABS! These probably completely frightened some poor little housekeeping lady at the Brighton Travelodge they were left behind in after the room’s occupant spent the previous night at a local fish festival.

Reticulated Python

  • Monty, the Pet… Python? That’s right, the owner of a python snake completely spaced on bringing along his very exotic wild pet and it was found left in a hotel room in Bristol. Hilariously, the python’s name was Monty.
  • A Diamond-Encrusted iPhone 5: Yes, such a thing does exist and was unceremoniously left behind in a Brisbane Sofitel on the very day that it was bought. When found, the Travelodge employee reported that the phone had 228 missed calls from the owner looking for it—we bet it did!
  • The Original Harry Potter Wand: As in, the actual wand used when filming the Harry Potter films, was found in a Travelodge in Scunthorpe. Believed to be worth over 2,000 euros, it was immediately locked away in a drawer by employees until the owner came to reclaim it.

Day 237 - Losing Ticket

  • A Winning Lotto Ticket! Left in a Brisbane Hotel, the actual amount of ticket was never disclosed, but apparently, the owner raised quite the commotion about reclaiming it, so it is assumed that it was a winner. According to sources, the owner knew that he had won and had stashed the ticket underneath his mattress for safekeeping.
  • Actual Breast Implants! Believe it, or not, it’s true. A hotel guest in Newcastle, was on their way to London to have a cosmetic operation performed after having purchased the implants and shipped from the United States.

One can only guess what bizarre items will be reported as left-behind for the year 2013; it’s certainly hard to imagine that they could get any crazier than the ones mentioned above, but those are always the famous last words, now aren’t they?


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