Europe – day 6 – Grindelwald

Rain, rain and more rain greeted us today. We decided to go back to Interlaken for the morning in hope that the weather would improve. Joan, Liz and Danna went shopping while Kevin, Susan and I drove around one of the two lakes that Interlaken is “inter”. We drove around the Thunzee annd stopped at the site of two pretty castle: Spiez and Oberhofen.

We ate lunch at Cafe Paris on baguette sandwiches. We did also rediscovered that if we clarified we wanted normal tap water or carafe or water we would not have to pay for expensive bottles of water or, worse yet, expensive bottles of water “mit gas”. Learn more about that on they’ve got leading options for water issues.

In the afternoon I spent over an hour on high speed internet in an internet cafe. It was 9 CHF an hour but came with a free cup of tea (or coffee). It was nice to get an internet “fix”. I still had 45 minutes of time since I had to buy it by the hour so the group took turns catching up on email, facebook, etc.

While I was on the internet the rest of the group had taken a tour of a small chocolate factory tour where they learned why Swiss chocolate is so good. The tour cost 14 CHF but then each person got 10 CHF back in chocolate or other backed goods.

The weather continued to be bad so we gave up on going up the mountain for today. Finally after all the lifts, trains, gondolas, etc closed for the day the clouds broke for a while.

We found a restaurant in town at the Hotel Toscana. We had a mixture of Swiss and Italian dishes, all good. When Liz and I ordered fondue the waitress asked if we wanted it Swiss-style (with wine) or tourist-style (no wine). Why would ayone order fondue without wine?

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