Finding the English Instructions on a Chinese Pay Phone

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If you walked up to this phone in Shanghai, China as I did, could you find the English instructions? The second button from the top on the left has a top switch to toggle between Chinese and English. What you did not spot that? I am not sure why. It is clearly labeled 中英 which are the chinese characters Zhong and Ying. Zhong guo (language) is Chinese and Ying guo is the word for English… in Chinese. Now it may just be me but I think this might work better if the button for English was labeled in some other language like perhaps English.

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by Chris Christensen

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We do the same thing here in the states. The instructions at the ATM require you to read the first page in English and then ask you if you want the following pages to displayed in Elnglish or in Spanish, Shouldn’t there also be instructions in Español?

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