Free eBook – “How to Save Money Booking Your Travel Online”

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I have recently completed an eBook that is a beginner to intermediate guide to how to use different online travel sites to book your travel. The eBook covers strategy for finding low prices as well as tools to help you determine where and when to go.

Download your free copy of the book.

Traveling Soon? These useful links will help you prepare for your trip.
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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast. He has been a travel creator since 2005 and has won awards including being named the "Best Independent Travel Journalist" by Travel+Leisure Magazine.

12 Responses to “Free eBook – “How to Save Money Booking Your Travel Online””

Craig Mullins


Way to go Chris. Just downloaded it. What great tips on finding the best deals when booking travel.

Julie Flaming


Hurray! I’m busy planning a trip in May (northern California or Washington, DC), so this will come in handy (as will your past Washington DC podcast!

Annie Pais


Hi Chris. Here’s a link to a new tourism model, two spectacular online, live Guides created by the locals in North Florida. Please check them out at
Annie Pais. Florida’s Eden



Just signed up! Looking forward to your money saving tips. Thanks!

Travel Blogger


Your podcast is the best. I’m sure I will enjoy the newsletter.

Julie Flaming


Hi, Chris –

I tried to sign up a couple of times, but when I click on the envelope and go to the “subscribe by email” option, which I assume is the way to do this, that space is always blank. Am I doing something wrong?

I think it’s possible that I’ve already signed up in the past, but not sure.

Julie Flaming


I’m going to respond to my own question after talking to Chris because I don’t want him to have to talk about the ads issue when I can do it for him 8-).

Chris contacted me to troubleshoot and while looking around for Javascript (which he thought might be a factor) I discovered that an ad blocker was blocking the entire Facebook fan and sign-up portions of this site as well as a few very relevant ads he is also running. I allowed ads on Chris’ site (most blockers allow you to be selective) and the sign-up box reappeared too.

Even if you aren’t having problems with the functionality of the newsletter, you may want to do that – I know that I personally appreciate what he’s doing and want to do what I can to support his success. This seems like a reasonable trade-off and the ads I’ve seen so far are for very relevant items and services for travelers.

Happy trails!

peter serpliss


nice ebook, can i post it on my site for getting ebooks for free? thanks great site keep up the good work!

Smith Watson


It is very easy way to save your money by booking online. for examples many hotels and accommodations firms provide discount with online booking. So we can save some percent of our travel amount through online booking. Thanks for this post.

Rickey Ponting


I am addicted to read e-books and it seems to be a good e-book well i will definatly and for sure goona buy this E-book and and the topic of E-book is itself lucrative.Thank you for the news.

Lisa daniel


Hi Chris Sir,
Really we can save money by booking travel tickets this is the best trick I heard in my life, I’m a traveler and your ideas can save lots of money.
thank you



Thanks so much for your ebook! It’s a fantastic resource and there’s some great tips in there.

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