Fun Things to do in Las Vegas for Couples

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No city does fun and excitement quite like Las Vegas, Nevada. Typically famous for casinos and world-class entertainment, the most populous city in Nevada has so much more to offer guests than gambling and parties. Visiting Las Vegas can be a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience. Couples will find that Sin City has plenty to offer them, no matter the occasion for the visit.

From shopping to thrill rides, Las Vegas has it all to make your trip one to remember and share with your friends and family. After checking out some of the best things to do in Las Vegas for couples, you’ll want to brag about all of the fun you had on your trip. What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always need to stay in Vegas. Check out the list below to get started on planning your ultimate Vegas experience.

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See a Show

Besides casinos and gambling, Las Vegas is world-famous for entertainment. It’s the premier city for concerts, circuses, and comedy shows! Plenty of artists have residencies here, so concerts are never difficult to come by. However, perhaps one of the most popular and unforgettable options is to experience seeing Cirque du Soleil in person. As the largest contemporary circus producer in the world, Cirque du Soleil knows how to put on a show. They have different shows at different hotels in Las Vegas such as the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, MGM Grand, and Bellagio, they provide an experience unlike any other. Each show at the varying locations differs, but each is sure to please and stick with you long after you leave Las Vegas.

Pool party Las Vegas Hard Rock

Hang Out and Party at a Dayclub

If you came to Vegas to hit the party scene, a day club is the way to go. Day Clubs are like nightclubs, except they take place during the day and are typically located in hotels in the city. Grab your swimsuit and your partner and dance in a pool to the music being spun by the DJs while enjoying a variety of food and drinks offered. Have some fun in the sun and party on!


Eat Your Heart Out

For all the foodies out there, take a food tour of Las Vegas. Las Vegas is home to some of the best restaurants and food you’ll find. Tour the Strip or downtown Las Vegas to ignite your taste buds with flavor. You can experience the many celebrity chef restaurants located in Las Vegas, learn about the city’s history, learn about how Las Vegas has become a go-to culinary destination, and of course, get to try tons of delicious goodies. Available for individuals and groups, a food tour provides the opportunity to explore the culinary tastes of Vegas without breaking the bank. You’re going to want to bring your stretchy pants for this one.

Visit the Eiffel Tower

No, not the one in Paris, France. The Eiffel Tower atop the Paris Las Vegas hotel on the Strip is a half-scale replica of the Paris landmark. This must-see provides breathtaking views of Las Vegas over 46 stories high on the tower’s viewing deck. If you’re not one for heights, you can still take in the free, recurring light show that the Eiffel Tower illuminates nightly.

Las Vegas High Roller

Take a Ride on the High Roller

The High Roller isn’t just your average Ferris Wheel. The High Roller is iconic Las Vegas. Located at the center of the Las Vegas Strip, the High Roller is one of the world’s tallest Ferris wheels. Get ready to soar a cool 550 feet above the Strip with your other half. Thanks to its transparent pods, this attraction is sure to please any couple wanting to take in gorgeous 360-degree views of the city. Want to up the romance factor? Visit during sunset or evening to see the city bathed in lights. Now that’s taking love to another level.

Container Park

Shop and Play at Container Park

While Las Vegas offers tons of shopping options for visitors, Container Park is a shopping experience. The shopping center on downtown Vegas’ Fremont Street was built from shipping containers and features plenty of boutique retail shops, restaurants, bars, and galleries.

Container Park is also home to an interactive playground, built for children and adults. Slide down the 33-foot-tall slide, build with their giant foam building blocks, and more in this epic play area. Bonus: the playground is free to visit and explore.

Roger & The Excavator

Play at Dig This

Channel your inner kid and go to Dig This, the first-ever heavy equipment playground for adults. This wonderland lets individuals or groups choose from one or two-hour sessions to live out the dream of operating some seriously heavy machinery in a giant adult sandbox. Drive and control bulldozers and excavators and dig some trenches, build mounds, and move 2000-lb. tires. Playgrounds aren’t just for kids, anymore.

Strat View

Visit the SkyPod & Observation Deck

If you are the kind of couple that can’t get enough height and killer views, check out the SkyPod Observation Deck at The STRAT Hotel, Casino, & Skypod right by the Strip. As the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States, you’re guaranteed to get some of the best views of Las Vegas. Awarded the 2020 Travelers’ Choice, this attraction features a winning combination of 360-degree views of Vegas, plenty of dining and drink options, and thrill rides.

Las Vegas 2008 1186

Ride the X-Scream

Speaking of thrill rides, X-Scream is one of the most unique and extreme rides that Las Vegas has to offer. You’re not going to find this roller coaster at your local amusement park. Located at the top of the SkyPod, the X-Scream is the world’s third-highest amusement ride. It propels riders 27 feet over the edge of the SkyPod like a teeter-totter—a whopping 866 feet high off the ground. Not for the faint of heart, the ride lets you dangle weightlessly above the Strip before being propelled back—and then brought back to the edge once again. This ride truly lives up to its name.

Get Scared at The Haunted Museum

If you’re looking for a different kind of thrilling experience without having to deal with heights, check out Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum. The Ghost Adventures host’s downtown Las Vegas museum was voted the #1 Best Haunted Destination in America in USA Today’s Readers’ Choice Awards and won as the best museum in Las Vegas for four years in a row.

This hauntingly scary museum features over 30 rooms that mirror horror films for guests to walk through and view their spooky selection of paranormal artifacts and objects. As if that weren’t creepy enough, the building is rumored to be haunted by hostile spirits, which staff and guests have alleged to have seen. Certainly not a museum for the faint of heart.


Visit a Shooting Range

One popular activity in Las Vegas for those looking to continue their adrenaline experience is visiting a shooting range. Visiting a shooting range in Las Vegas provides the ultimate experience for individuals, couples, and groups. These specialized facilities allow their guests to choose from their wide array of firearms and unique targets for your shooting pleasure. Typically, all you need to do is fill out a liability form and bring your government-issued ID. No formal safety course is required to join in on the fun; verbal safety instructions will be given in the range. If you’re adrenaline junkies, this is the place for you.

Area 51

Take the Area 51 Tour

Believe in aliens? Take an Area 51 tour for an out-of-this-world experience! For those unaware, Area 51 is a top-secret, highly classified government facility. No one really knows what has gone down within the facility, but many have speculated about UFOs and aliens.

While you can’t actually visit Area 51, this day trip tour takes visitors on a nice tour from Las Vegas to Rachel, NV. Spend the day exploring weird sites like the mysterious dry lakebed, ancient petroglyphs, and Little A’le’ Inn, a popular filming site for movies including the blockbuster Independence Day. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and a jacket, since the weather in the Nevada high desert can be as wild as this tour. Come (and go) in peace.

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Fremont Street at night

Fremont Street Experience

Looking to stay off the Las Vegas Strip? This lesser-known entertainment and gaming attraction is located in downtown Las Vegas. Fremont Street provides entertainment for visitors of all kinds. In addition to having casinos and tons of dining options, visitors can zipline above the city, see the free light shows that occur nightly, take in a free blockbuster concert, shop, and visit their unique museums.

Neon Museum

The Neon Museum

One of the coolest and most colorful museum options in downtown Las Vegas is The Neon Museum. No stuffy museum here. The Neon Museum offers a huge collection of large and small Las Vegas signs from the 1930s to today for cultural, artistic, educational, and historical enrichment. Besides their indoor collection, they have an almost two-acre outdoor exhibition space known as the Neon Boneyard. This space is 100 percent social media and Insta-worthy, with its huge vintage Las Vegas neon signs and fun lighting.

The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum

If you’re a couple that enjoys unique museums (or maybe just Mob movies), The Mob Museum will be right up your alley. Officially named the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, The Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas (Fremont Street) isn’t your average museum. This history museum provides visitors with the opportunity to see and learn about organized crime’s impact on society.

Exploring on your own or with a tour guide, you can learn about real-life Mob stories and events with the museum’s interactive exhibits and cool artifacts. In addition to the interactive exhibits, you and your plus one can solve crimes using forensic evidence in the museum’s Crime Lab and step into the shoes of a law enforcement officer in their Firearm Training Simulator (note: there is a special ticket required for this extra experience). Talk about an unforgettable experience.

Summit 2015 Partner Appreciation Party at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Zoom on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Have a need for speed? Then check out the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, located around 15 miles away from the Strip. In addition to the NASCAR events they host, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway enables visitors to choose from their luxury cars and race around their course after race coaching, a safety lesson, and some practice.

Not your thing? The Las Vegas Motor Speedway also offers track tours. Tour their NASCAR speedway and nine other tracks, and look behind the scenes of the speedway world and NASCAR garages. Don’t forget to pick up a souvenir or two or five at Speedway World, the Las Vegas Speedway’s official store. They also offer group tours.

Take in Natural Beauty at Red Rock Canyon

If you’re looking for some time outside of the city, the Mojave Desert’s Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a great option. It’s an outdoor lover’s paradise. Experience the natural beauty of Las Vegas, Nevada and take the scenic drive through the canyon, or choose to bike, climb, or hike the 26 different trails offered.

No matter the viewing option you choose, Red Rock Canyon has plenty of beautiful flora and fauna, wildlife, and amazing views of the red sandstone peaks and Keystone Thrust Fault. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing, wear sunscreen and a hat, and bring water if you’re biking, hiking, or climbing the canyon.


Whether you’re coming to Las Vegas for the sights, the thrills, or the shows, you are sure to have an unforgettable time. It may be known by many for its gambling and various casinos, but Las Vegas is so much more. It is what you make of it with your partner or group, so make the most of your trip and try something thrilling or something new. A world-famous destination, Las Vegas is a place to visit year-round. Don’t miss out on all of the entertainment and cultural experiences that Sin City has to offer to its visitors.

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