Gadget Review – Xshot 2.0 Camera Extension Arm

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I had an opportunity to use the xshot 2.0 manufactured by sxhot LLC and distributed on I had read some reviews of the product and had, as a motivator, the fact that I have thousands of pictures but only a few of myself in all my travels. The xshot is an extension arm that attaches to your camera and enables you to use your camera’s timer to take snapshots of yourself. As you can see, I’m not the most photogenic person but I’ve visited some famous sites around the world and had to rely on strangers to get my picture taken.


The xshot comes packaged as seen above. The thumbwheel uses a standard 1/4 -20 screw that attaches to the bottom of most cameras. There is an angled head with a tightening bolt to set the angle of the camera from the arm. The tightening head section seems to have stops in it so certain angles are supported. The arm telescopes to about 3 feet. I must say I was not overwhelmed by the quality of the product, the plastic head moves more than a little but the arm seems sturdy and the camera did not fall off the head.

  1. The extension works as promoted and allows you to take close-up (within 3 feet) photos of yourself and the background.
  2. There are some interesting opportunities for low/high level shots of yourself and others that a good photographer would find very useful.
  3. If you use a camera with a swivel LCD (like the Nikon D5000 I have), you can see the shot and frame it before you shoot.


  1. Your are forced to shoot close-ups (I guess that’s why you want this device)
  2. The most serious issue is the movement of the camera at the head. The thumbwheel secures the camera but the head section can flop quite a bit. The camera moves forward/backward even while secured until the head section hits one of those little stops. I thought this was related to the weight of the DSLR but my point-and-shoot also flopped around on the end.


You must use your camera’s timer function to take your own snapshot. This is no problem as most cameras have a timer. If you are using a DSLR, you’ll need to control your camera’s focus settings so the picture is focused as you want (again no big deal).

Overall, I liked the xshot. It has a place in my travel photo bag. I see many opportunities to use it, not just for shots of myself in exotic locations, but also for some interesting photos from hard to reach locations. I was disappointed with the quality though and thought it could be sturdier, especially at the head section.

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David Elwood

by David Elwood

David Elwood is an avid scuba diver, leisure traveler and cancer survivor. He has traveled extensively to witness the wonderful things the world has to offer . His latest hobby, travel photography, continues to take him to faraway places.

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