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Travel to Kyoto and the Kansai Region of Japan

We could start talking about the rich imperial cities of Kyoto and Nara with their thousands of temples and shrines as well as a palace or two, but Amanda starts us with the food which is appropriate because Osaka is sometimes called the “nation’s kitchen”.


Need to Know


The language of Japan is Japanese. There are a number of English speakers, especially in the tourism industry.


The currency of Japan is the Yen. ATMs are readily available and electronic payments are popular.


Japan uses 100V unlike 120V in the U.S. and 220V in most of the rest of the world. They use plug styles A & B like in the U.S.

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Tokyo – Amateur Traveler

Our most popular episode on Amateur Traveler of all time is this one with Jason who lived in the city for 13 years. He tells us the sites we should visit but also how we can watch sumo wrestlers practice or where we can find the best raman.


Odaiba: City of the Future – Tokyo

Visit Tokyo’s city of the future in Odaiba. A hand’s on digital arts museum, a replication of the Statue of Liberty, futuristic ferry boats, Toyota concept cars and more.


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Tokyo is a different city during the day than it is at night. We talk to some travel blogger friends about their favorite thing to do in the city at night. 


What to do with 3 days in Tokyo. Where to watch the sunset or grab a bite to eat. Where you can see the city skyline for free. Where you can see a wedding or make a wish.


Tokyo gets more rain than snow in the winter. But this fascinating city has fewer visitors and Tokyo sparkles in the Winter and particularly in December. 



Elsewhere in Japan

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Hear about hiking the Kumano Kodo trek in Japan. Sherry Ott talks about her experience on this trail that was used by medieval emperors on the Kii Peninsula.


One of the ancient capitals of Japan is Kamakura which is easy day trip from Tokyo and worth a visit. This seaside town is home to a number of significant temples and shrines including the Great Buddha.


Hear about a one week trip to Japan starting in Tokyo and highlighting some of the UNESCO sites in Kyoto, Niko, Nara and Kamakura. Castles, temples, shrines and more in this trip through Japan’s history.


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