Travel to Kyoto and the Kansai Region of Japan – Episode 540

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Travel to Kansai Region of Japan - What to do, see and eat in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe and more

Hear about travel to the Kansai Region of Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, etc) as the Amateur Traveler talks to Amanda Kendle from the Thoughtful Travel Podcast about one of her favorite parts of the world. Amanda originally came to Kansai to teach English and fell in loved with it.

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“If you think about Japan, the two biggest cities, Tokyo and Osaka, both have their regional areas. For Tokyo that’s Kanto and for Osaka, that’s the Kansai region. It should be better known. I am trying to make it better known because I love it. That includes a lot of famous cities like Kyoto and Nara as well as Osaka itself. It’s about the same size as Australia in terms of population but it’s a very tiny geographic area. It includes so much history culture and amazing food.”

We could start talking about the rich imperial cities of Kyoto and Nara with their thousands of temples and shrines as well as a palace or two, but Amanda starts us with the food which is appropriate because Osaka is sometimes called the “nation’s kitchen”. “The food is typically Japanese but not what you get in a Japanese restaurant. My favorite there is okonomiyaki.” Okonomiyaki means “how you like”. “It is made of a lot of cabbage, eggs, and flour, often pork or seafood and it is made in the shape of a pancake. They then smother it in the most amazing sauces and Japanese mayonnaise and then ground up green seaweed on top and it is the most divine taste you will ever experience.”

There are over 1600 temples in Kyoto alone (many are a part of a UNESCO site) so we pick out some of our favorite spots like the colorful Fushimi Inari-taisha with its thousands of torii extending up the hillside. Amanda also recommends a visit to Monkey Park Iwatayama to see the snow monkeys.

In Nara, we visit one of the largest Buddhas in the world located in the world’s largest wooden building. We also feed the deer at Nara Park and visit the Kasuga Shrine with its many moss-covered stone lanterns.

In Osaka, we visit the wooden Osaka castle (only one of 8 remaining castles in Japan) as well as the colorful shops of Japan’s second-largest city.

We also talk about nearby Kobe, including the famous beef as well as a wonderful museum about the Kobe earthquake.

Hear why the Kansai region is such a beautiful, culturally and historically significant and delicious region of Japan.

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Show Notes

Not a Ballerina
Kansai Tourism
Kansai Region
Nara Park
Fushimi Inari-taisha
Monkey Park Iwatayama
Nara National Museum
Osaka Castle
Aqua Liner
Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
Arima Onsen
Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Museum
The Thoughtful Travel Podcast


Japan Trip June 2017

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Travel to Kansai Region of Japan - What to do, see and eat in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe and more

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