MS Volendam Cruise Ship Kitchen Tour

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How do you feed as many people as you will find on a large cruise ship like the MS Volendam from Holland America? The last time we were on the Voldendam we took a tour of the kitchens on the ship. An impressive number of people man the dining room and kitchen.

The dining room staff includes:

Dining Room Manager 1
Lido Manager 1
Assistant Dining Room Manager 2
Head Steward 7
Dining Room Steward 38
Assistant Dining Room Steward 31
Room Service Steward 8
Assistant Lido Steward 12
Doorman 2
Wine Steward 11

The kitchen staff includes:

Executive Chef 1
2nd Executive Chef 1
Pinnacle Grill Chef 1
Sous Chef 2
Demi Chefs 10
Bakery 4
Pastry 6
Butcher 2
Assistant Cook 20
Apprentice Cook 2
Pantry 16
Crew Kitchen 3
Chief Steward 1
Foreman Service Area 1
General Purpose Attendant 21

And during an average week the ship’s passenger’s will consume:

Meat and Meat Products 8,500 lbs
Poultry 4,000 lbs
Fish 2,000 lbs
Seafood 2,500 lbs
Butter and Margerine 1,100 lbs
Fresh Vegetables 12,000 lbs
Potatoes 4,500 lbs
Watermelon 1,800 lbs
Eggs 18,000
Dairy 4,000 quarts
Sugar 700 lbs
Sugar Packets 20,000
Rice for Crew 2,100 lbs
Caviar 20 lbs
Flour 2,900 lbs
Ice Cream 200 gallons

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3 Responses to “MS Volendam Cruise Ship Kitchen Tour”



Well the kitchen of this ship is really amazing. I have boarded to ship cruise ship once, and really was amazed by the service on board. Actually can you imagine how will be looking the kitched of Oasis of the Seas?



No, I can’t imagine how huge the kitchen on the Oasis of the Seas must be!



It’s interesting to see from the amount consumed that the traditional meal of meat and two veg is likely to be the most popular onboard, with ice cream for afters I suppose!

Also, with that many cooking staff, it’s hard to imagine the size of the kitchen without seeing it.

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