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Three tops, two bottoms, and enough space left over for a few essentials. That means I do laundry in the sink every two days. It’s easy math. This is stark contrast to my normal routine of never wearing the same outfit twice to certain occasions.

I’m on a career break. About three years ago that word wasn’t part of my vocabulary. I came across the definition one afternoon after work. My body was doing cardio at the gym while my mind was taking a mental vacation in between two white ear buds. Listening to my favorite podcast, Amateur Traveler, I learned about a woman who left the cooperate world to travel. Sherry Ott discussed her experience leaving a job to travel and then on to start Meet, Plan, Go. Exploring was my nature, but how do you do that when you are limited with vacation and sick time hours? As my mind wondered farther down the “what if” road I became more interested in Sherry’s story. When I listen to the guests on Amateur Traveler I feel an instant connection. It’s the curiosity gene and an explorer spirit that unites us.

It certainly is a lot easier to take a career break that I would have thought. I found resources on the web like Meet, Plan, Go. I did months and months of preparation and internet research on places, stays, and food. I found independent health insurance (ouch$), travel insurance, and cancelled my car insurance and sold the car. There was a certain amount of resistance at home – worried parents and the like, but in time I won them over. It helps knowing that others have gone down this path before me.

I write this from a B&B in Sorrento, Italy. It’s a bit rainy today, but traveling in the off-season really helps keep the costs down. Instead of cardio at the gym, I hiked a mile up the road looking for the best pizza in the world. (Found it!) My mental vacation has turned into a lifestyle, and I never have to worry about what to wear.

Editor: Elizabeth has also been a guest on the Amateur Traveler: Travel to Walt Disney World – Episode 131

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by Elizabeth

Elizabeth Hensley is a teacher, traveler, and tour guide. She spent the last year on a travel sabbatical, which gave her ample opportunity to take pictures that will now become her postcards to her friends. She enjoys sharing her traveling experiences and resources at Be-there.us.

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Sherry Ott


Elizabeth – I love hearing this story! It makes my day to hear that career break is now a part of your vocabulary! It’s great to know that it wasn’ as hard as you thought. More people need to hear that! Please keep in touch on Meet Plan Go as we’d love to know more about your break and have you inspire others as well as help us continue to grow the movement!!

Becky Clark


I love hearing stories such as these, and although I haven’t taken an actual career break and quit my job altogether, I’ve switched to freelancing where I can take the time to take trips I want. My favorite line: “Instead of cardio at the gym, I hiked a mile up the road looking for the best pizza in the world. (Found it!)” because I keep going to the gym when that sounds so much more lovely 🙂 and because I want to know where the best pizza in the world is! 😉 Lol.

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