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I had the opportunity to experience a home stay from when I was recently in Dublin, Ireland. For full disclosure, paid for this particular stay. The experience is a paid fo
r, hosted experience so you are staying in someone’s home and you will get a chance to meet and interact with them during your stay. According to the web site, the stays around Dublin start at around $35 for a single room and typically include a light breakfast.

I stayed in with Mic and Liz and their family south of Dublin and I will warn you that you can’t possibly have as great a stay as I did as I feel I need to put Mic and Liz on my Christmas list because I want to stay in touch after spending 3 nights as part of their home. Most nights I did not eat with their family and it certainly is not included in the price generally, but I did join my hosts for one evening dinner and then took Mic out for a pint a one of the local pubs so we could keep talking.

One of the advantages of a hosted home stay is a chance to interact with locals. Granted the Irish culture is not that different from where I am from and the language is very similar except for that really cool accent. But even with all the similarities we found a lot to talk about how things work differently from one country to the other. We talked about school systems, traffic, business, the recession, the Celtic Tiger, sports, faith and much more.

One of the questions I typically ask during an Amateur Traveler interview is “most memorable local you met”. Thanks to a home stay, from, I have my answer should anyone ask me.

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by Chris Christensen

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