Sailing the Amalfi Coast

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The town of Sorrento and the rest of the Amalfi Coast is full of beauty, and while exploring it all by a vehicle on land can be quite breathtaking, there is no better way to see it all than by boat.  After all, no one can possibly resist the glimmer of the sun as it begins to rise over the massive cliffs or how that same sun seems to glow over the villages as it is lowering itself in the evening’s sky.

Anyone that has never spent time out on the water of the Mediterranean Sea near this area of the world will want to place it up at the top of their must-see vacation destinations.  Climbing aboard a boat or a yacht and sailing from one area of the coast to another over a week or a month will create a memorable vacation that everyone will remember forever.

The best way to visit Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast is by the sea, you can hire a Yacht from Capri, Sorrento, Naples or the Amalfi Coast.

Things to Do While Visiting  Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast

Mornings will be spent climbing up to the decks to look out over the water and breath in the fresh salty air.  A lucky few will see the native marine life as it reaches the surface of the sea, while others will simply grab their beach towel before hopping into the water for an early morning swim.  The rest of the morning will involve eating delectable breakfast foods and drinking coffee or another beverage while finalizing the unique itinerary of the day.

Every day will bring something new, and people can choose to spend their entire day on their boat or yacht, or they can sail to one of the nearby ports along the shoreline.  Once everyone reaches the port of their choice, they can stroll through the towns and villages, dine at a local restaurant, shop at the boutiques, and even spend time with the locals.

Spectacular Villages of the Amalfi Coast

There are quite a few villages along the Amalfi Coast, so many in fact that it can be very difficult for travelers to choose which ones they want to see the most.  Most of the villages have been constructed on the sides of the cliffs, making for picturesque settings.  As visitors are sailing up toward the village that they are visiting that day, they will want to drop the anchor to their boat and simply stare at what is in front of them in amazement.


Of course, no one will spend too much time staring at the villages, because they will want to step foot inside them to experience them all firsthand.  While everyone will have their favorites, the village of Amalfi should be on every visitor’s list.  This bustling village has long been known as one of the Maritime Republics in the country and it is full of history.  Travelers can learn about how to make the handcrafted paper that this Italian village is famous for while listening to all the legends that have been passed down through the generations.  No one will want to venture back to their boat, after a long day in Amalfi, without making at least one stop for the delicious limoncello that seems to be available everywhere.

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Atrani is another village that many people enjoy visiting, but since it is so small in size, many travelers skip it completely without giving it a second thought.  While no one could spend an entire day in Atrani, there are plenty of places where visitors can snap photographs of spectacular views that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world and that is why everyone will want to give it a chance.


Positano is the most popular destination on the Amalfi Coast, and as everyone is sailing up to it, they will be amazed at how many steps appear to be everywhere within the village.  From the water, the pinks, yellows, and whites of the Mediterranean houses will not look as bright as they will when the boat arrives at the shore. While strolling through this village, visitors will climb hundreds of stairs as they wander through the steep alleys and streets.

Delicious Cuisine

Many of the ports that everyone goes to (Nerano, Marina di Puolo, Positano, Conca del Sogno) are full of seaside restaurants, which makes it easy for everyone to climb off their boat and walk right up to a table.  Fresh fish and seafood are on the menu of each one and no one will be able to tear their eyes away from the spectacular views of the sea to look at the menu to order anything but one of the fresh catches of the day.  Every meal will need to have a glass of cold white wine included, although a glass of red can be ordered if that is what a person prefers.

Magnificent Beaches and Phenomenal Views

Both the Amalfi Coast and the town of Sorrento have magnificent beaches, but some of them are only accessible by boat. Those are the beaches that travelers on sailing adventures will want to stop at, because they will not be as crowded, and they can be quite magical too.  Marmorata has a rushing waterfall as well as a wonderful lagoon for swimming.

In Positano, there is Laurito and Arienzo that are better to reach by boat as there are a lot of stairs if you wish to arrive there by land.

Tordigliano beach is one of the largest beaches on the coast with a length of only 350m (1150 feet). It is a real corner of paradise.


As boats and yachts are sailing through the Mediterranean Sea, the people on board will find themselves facing picturesque panoramic views for miles in every direction.  One of the most spectacular sights is Mt. Vesuvius and boats can be seen passing it every time they sail to and from Capri.  Everyone will want to have their cameras or smartphones ready so that they can capture all the fabulous sights that they can.

Vacations in Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast are phenomenal, especially during the evenings when travelers are back on their boats or yachts relaxing. Everyone can enjoy a drink and a bite to eat while watching the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea and many people may even choose to sleep out on the deck on some nights, as the stars twinkle high above in the dark sky.

There is nothing more breathtaking than spending time out on the Mediterranean Sea while exploring the sights of Sorrento and the rest of the Amalfi Coast.  Once everyone experiences it for the first time, they will want to return again, if they ever manage to leave.

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