Susan’s Magic Backpack vs eBag’s Air Travel Essentials

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When we first travelled with our friend Susan we would say something like “oh I need a band-aid” or “does anyone have a wet wipe” and out of Susan’s magic backpack would emerge the desired item. After while it felt like being on the old “Let’s Make a Deal” when Monty Hall would ask if anyone had a raw egg. Susan did her research on what to pack (always including chocolate and peanut butter) on her own but some companies are trying to make this easier for travelers. So eBags for instance offers the Air Travel Essentials:

Air Travel Essentials

If you are going on a trip by plane, you are going to want to have some necessary supplies for where you’re headed. The “Air Travel Essentials Kit” comes packaged in a thick clear slide-closing vinyl bag.

  • 1 Survivor Industries® – Travel Safe First Aid Kit
  • 1 Purell® Hand Sanitizer with Aloe
  • 2 Shout® Wipes Stain Treater Towelette
  • 1 Charmin To Go® Toilet Seat Covers
  • 1 Charmin To Go® Bathroom Tissue
  • 1 Jaraze® Sewing Kit
  • 1 Kleenex® Tissues Pocket Pack
  • 1 Gearaid® Mini Rolls Duct Tape (2 rolls)
  • 1 BioZide® Disinfectant/Deodorant Pump Spray
  • 2 Dramamine® Chewable Formula
  • 1 Generic Poncho
  • 1 Generic Small Flashlight

Raw egg not included.

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