Some facts about Grece:

  • Greece is located in Southern Europe
  • Greece is the size of Ohio.
  • The average life expectancy at birth for a Greek is 80 years.
  • Greece has an estimated population of 11 million.
  • Athens is the 4th most populous capital city of the EU
  • Greece is often called the home of Western Civilization.
  • Greece is currently the most sexually active country in the world. (Durex Global Sex Survey).Greece is home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Greece is a popular travel destination and has been featured many times on the Amateur Traveler.
  • Greece has half the seismic activity of Europe.
  • Greece has about 2,000 islands. (227 are inhibited)
  • Voting is required by law for every Greek citizen who is 18 or older.
  • Greece enjoys more than 250 days of sunshine per year.