Sailing in the Saronic Islands and the Peloponnese – Greece – Episode 851

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Sailing in the Saronic Islands and the Peloponnese in Greece (Podcast)

Hear about sailing in the Saronic Islands and the Peloponnese as the Amateur Traveler talks about his recent yacht charter with Navigare Yachting.

My wife and I had wanted to gather a few friends and do a small boat sailing trip in the Greek Islands for more than a decade. This dream reached fruition when Navigare Yachting offered to provide the use of a boat in exchange for talking about the journey on the podcast. 

We began our one-week sailing adventure in Athens before setting off to Perdika, a small fishing village in Aegina. Arriving at the Navigare port, we completed the necessary paperwork, familiarized ourselves with the boat, and received a safety talk from Captain Kostas. After stocking up on groceries and supplies, we set sail, navigating through choppy seas due to a strong breeze from the south. We soon learned that sailing on a sailboat doesn’t always mean using the sails, as we mostly relied on the motor for this trip.

Our first stop was Perdika, where we “walked the plank” from the back of the boat onto the dock and enjoyed dinner at the brightly lit tavernas by the water’s edge.

The following day, we cruised to Hydra in calm waters and gentle winds. While cruising, we indulged in a delicious breakfast and sightseeing. Upon reaching Hydra, we were fortunate to find a spot in the compact harbor, offering stunning views of the beautiful town.

Throughout our journey, we noticed that the Saronic Islands and the Peloponnese Peninsula had hilly terrain with rocky peaks near the ports. Instead of hiking up to monasteries as is typical on these islands, we opted for coastal walks, appreciating the scenic beauty.

After Hydra, we made a stop in Kyparissi, a tiny village nestled at the base of impressive rugged mountains. We enjoyed lunch on the boat before continuing to Monemvasia. Monemvasia, often referred to as the “Gibraltar of the East,” captivated us with its ancient fortified town. Situated at the base of a massive rock covered in ruins, it is one of the oldest continually-inhabited fortified towns in Europe. We docked in the new city since there is no port within the old town and explored the lower town, wandering through cobblestone passages and marveling at the history that surrounded us. Though we didn’t venture all the way to the top of the rock due to slippery conditions, I was later able to return and witness the panoramic views and visit the remaining structures.

We had a bit of night sailing back to Kyparissi to avoid unfavorable weather the next morning, waking up to the sight of the rugged mountains framing the village.

Our next destination was Spetses, an island that played a significant role in Greece’s War of Independence. The weather didn’t cooperate, so we spent some time on the boat, enjoying games to pass the time.

Luckily, the following day on Poros brought spectacular weather. We tied up our boat along the main promenade and were warmly greeted by the owner of Oasis Tavern, a friend of Captain Kostas. We had a delightful dinner there, cherishing the sense of camaraderie of being “boat people” now. We hiked up to the clock tower and crossed from the smaller to the larger island, eventually reaching one of the beaches. The next day, Poros hosted a boat show featuring various yacht rental companies and their impressive vessels. We took the opportunity to explore and admire the different boats available, reaffirming our contentment with our choice.

Originally planning to visit an uninhabited island for swimming and picnicking, the chilly May weather led us to adjust our itinerary. Our captain Kostas suggested a detour to Epidaurus and its ancient theater. We hired taxis to reach the archeological site and marveled at the theater’s acoustics. The theater formed part of an ancient healing center, where watching performances was believed to be beneficial for health and well-being. 

With our time running out, we sailed back to Aegina, where we explored the city and visited the ruins of Apollo’s temple. We immersed ourselves in the island’s rich history, discovering its significance as a cultural and religious center in ancient times. We marveled at 7,000 years of civilization that have left their mark on this port city.

As our sailing trip came to an end, we returned to the port near Athens. After completing the necessary paperwork, we spent one more night on the boat, reminiscing about our adventures and the incredible experiences we shared. The trip ignited our passion for sailing, and we eagerly began planning future voyages, dreaming of new destinations and the freedom of the open sea.

I talk about what questions should you ask when you want to book your own Greek sailing trip. Learn about itineraries, boat types, crew options, and costs.



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Sailing in the Saronic Islands and the Peloponnese in Greece (Podcast) | Things to know when renting a yacht in Greece #travel #yachet #greece #saronic #islands #Peloponnese #things-to-do-in #places #ports #sailing #travel #vacation #trip #holiday Sailing in the Saronic Islands and the Peloponnese in Greece (Podcast) | Things to know when renting a yacht in Greece #travel #yachet #greece #saronic #islands #Peloponnese #things-to-do-in #places #ports #sailing #travel #vacation #trip #holiday

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Hi Chris, Loved Episode 851, Sailing in Greece. We hired from Navigare in October 2022 and completed a one week trip with similar itinerary to you – 4 of us on board- my husband & 25 Yr daughter & 15 yr son. Listening to your trip brought back so many wonderful memories. Our skipper became part of the family as we learnt sailing & navigation. Loved it so much we’ve booked again with Navigare for first two weeks July in the Cyclades. Thanks

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