Travel Quiz – How Much Do You Know About Travel Destinations?

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Avid listeners of the Amateur Traveler travel podcast should have the answers to all of these questions. How many can you answer?


  1. What state has the longest name?
  2. In the Yucatan the locals eat a spicy version of Pico de Gayo called Xni Pec. Xni Pec is a Mayan word which means what?
  3. Joe d’Eon, Airline Pilot and host of “Fly With Me” podcast told us that many people ask pilots and flight attendants a question that makes no sense. What is that question?
  4. What is the primary religion of the people in Zanzibar?
  5. What is the only moving national historic landmark in the USA? (no continental drift and the Earth’s rotation and motion do not count)
  6. What is the largest ancient structure in Africa south of the Sahara Desert?
  7. The newest National Park in the United States is the Great Sand Dunes National Park. In what state is it located?
  8. The Faroe Islands are an autonomous province of what nation?
  9. What traditional Indian medicine is associated with the Kerala region?
  10. What group of people founded the city of Dublin in Ireland?
  11. To what island nation would you go to find lemurs?


  1. “Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” is the official state name of poor little Rhode Island therefore the smallest state has the longest name. [Travel to Rhode Island]
  2. Xni Pec means “dogs nose” because you sweat like a dog’s nose [Travel to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico]
  3. “What is your route?”
  4. While Tanznia has as many Christians as Muslims, the island of Zanzibar is primarily (90%) muslim. [Travel to Zanzibar in Tanzania]
  5. San Francisco’s cable cars [San Francisco Walking Tour (part 2) – Sound Seeing Tour 2]
  6. The Great Zimbabwe ruins in Zimbabwe [Travel to Zimbabwe – Episode 158]
  7. Colorado [Travel to Colorado – Episode 155]
  8. Denmark [Travel to the Faroe Islands – Episode 153]
  9. Ayurveda [Travel to Kerala, India – Episode 147]
  10. The Vikings [Travel to Ireland – Episode 145]
  11. Madagascar [Travel to Madagascar – Episode 141]

How did you do?

  • 0-2 – You need to get outside and stop watching reality TV
  • 3-5 – You are an amateur traveler, good start
  • 6-8 – You are a knowledgeable traveler ready to take on the world
  • 9-10 – You are a travel expert and should start leading tours
  • 11 – You are ready to take over the Amateur Traveler from me as I can never remember the word “Ayurveda”.
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