Travel to Belarus – Episode 584

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Hear about travel to Belarus as the Amateur Traveler talks to Megan Starr from about her travels to this country that is transitioning from the “last Soviet dictatorship” to a high tech powerhouse.

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Show Notes
An American Tail – Fievel Goes West
An American Tail
Isle of Tears
Trinity Hill
Insomnia Bar
8 Things to Love About Minsk
Untapped App
Church of Saints Simon and Helena
National Library of Belarus
National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre
Victory Square, Minsk, Belarus
Tales from Minsk Part 1
Lee Harvey Oswald’s Apartment in Minsk
Vitebsk: The Most Charismatic City in Eastern Belarus
Brest Fortress
Brest, Belarus
Bia?owie?a Forest
European bison
Mir Castle Complex
Nesvizh Castle


Both Mary and Raaidh wrote about Travel to Eastern Taiwan – Episode 533

Hi, I’ve just started listening to your Podcast since you were one of a few who’se covered my country, the Maldives. I’ve been hooked ever since and was especially excited after listening to your Eastern Taiwan episode (I’ve always wanted a mountain setting hiking or biking holiday). But since Taiwan would involve a Visa, I’m searching for alternative hilly holiday areas such as Munnar in Southern India. Love your podcast, Raaidh

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