Travel to Bulgaria – Episode 312

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Rohzen Monastery Melnik Bulgaria

The Amateur Traveler talks to Craig Zabransky from about his recent trip to Bulgaria.

He traveled with a Bulgarian friend and visited picturesque towns as well as the amazing blue waters of the Black Sea.

“I wanted to see more of Eastern Europe. For staying adventurous Bulgaria is that. It is not an English speaking Americanized destination at all. You are not going to find as much English or even American or English folks who are there as travelers. The travelers or tourists are actually from Russia. It is very interesting where the language is so different on the signs.”

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Show Notes

Stay Adventurous
Stay Adventurous – About Craig Zabransky
Bulgaria Travel
City Garden (Sofia)
Studentski grad (Sofia)
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia
Bulgarian Monastery
Rila Monastery
Melnik, Bulgaria
Bansko ski resort in Bulgaria
History of Bansko
Veliko Tarnovo
Bulgarian Black Sea Coast
Black Sea
Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe
Sunset Sunday – Sunset in Melnik, Bulgaria


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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

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8 Responses to “Travel to Bulgaria – Episode 312”

Brock - Backpack With Brock


Great collection! Sometimes it’s hard to break free from typical tourist destinations, but this is a great example of how to do it well!



I’ve heard prior to this that Bulgaria is surprising — in a good way. You have us intrigued now.

Chrissy Travels


Did you notice the use of the term “Super” throughout Bulgaria? It became funny to me as I heard the locals use it everywhere. Great country with a very forward and funky sense of fashion. But you are right, not much English at all. One of the hardest countries I have been in to navigate without knowing the local language.



Yeah, Craig! I loved Bulgaria, too. We got to spend a few weeks there, including two places on the Black Sea and one in the center of the country in the mountains. We saw an outdoor ballet in the ruins of a castle. It was magical!

Craig Zabransky


Brock, thanks. It certainly isn’t your typical tourist destination.
Lane, glad to hear it. Bulgaria is an adventure, no doubt about it.
Chrissy, I don’t recall, but I do recall the forward sense of fashion… glad you enjoyed it there.
Abby, agreed, there is something magical to it. So glad I spent a few weeks there myself.

stay adventurous, Craig



Great blog. I moved from the UK to Bulgaria 5 years ago and it is an amazing country. These days the English language is much more widespread than previously. It is taught in all schools so life is so much easier now. Property is cheaper now than 5 years ago and many people especially Russians are interested in the thousands of <a href=>Abandoned Houses For Sale</a>



r are not going to find as much English or even American or English folks who are there as travelers.

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